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Airi is the 43rd hero released in Arena of Valor. Airi was revamped in the Beta 29 update. The new Airi is similar to old Airi, but has different characteristics.


  • Date of Birth: February 12
  • Place of Birth: Mist Island
  • Height: 165 CM
  • Age: Unknown


Dragons dwelled inside the body of their newest descendant, Airi the Kunoichi. Her every breath seemed to exhibit the power of dragons.

Many ninja clans had only come into existence recently, but the mysterious Oriental Dragons had been around for generations. This reclusive clan of ninjas loyally protect the peace and tranquility of the realm using the power of ancient dragons. As the leader of a new generation of ninjas, Airi had not only inherited the title of “Kunoichi”, her incredible talents had also earned the approval of the Ancient Dragon. She has been bestowed with the almighty Dragon’s Mark as well.

As night engulfed day, the elite NInjas led by Airi rushed to save the Temple of Light from the evil forces that surrounded it. using her shadow clone ability, Airi passed with ease through the savage bombardment of black magic. The iron wall made up of thousands of Fallen crumpled beneath her feet. She transformed herself into a sharp blade and hurled herself straight at Maloch, the commander of the Demon Army, leaving a bloody trail of corpses in her wake.

Airi took more and more wounds as she fought her way towards Maloch. By the time she finally reached him, she had defeated nearly all of his demon guards. Airi was punished for her actions with three more mortal wounds. With her strength depleted, Airi realized that she wouldn’t stand a chance in a drawn-out battle, so she activated the last bit of power in her Dragon’s Mark, raise her blade and sliced at Maloch. In that moment, Maloch was unable to lift his own weapon. He was so overcome by the unleashed dragon spirit that he could only use his demon wings to shield himself from Airi’s attacks.

The blade rose and fell. Blood hotter than lava gushed out from a wound in Maloch’s chest and the impregnable demon wings were tattered. The force from Airi’s blade had completely stripped the invincible commander of his combat abilities. Maloch was forced to return to the demon abyss to recover and, in turn, left the demon army their demise.

Airi’s determination, demonstrated in this battle, immediately earned her the respect of everyone. Even the most despicable of demons could not hide their fear of Airi’s blade.


Icon Name Description Type Mana Cost
Slash.png Zan Each fourth normal attack from Airi deals an extra 30 (+120% of AD) true damage (only towards current target) and reduces target's movement speed by 50% for 1 second. True damage cannot crit, and hits on enemy heroes have 100% Life Steal. True N/A
Spin.png Spin Airi hurls her Shuriken, dealing 250 (+80% of AD) physical damage to enemies hit and knocks them away for 0.75 seconds. At the same time, she gains 1 stack of Dragon's Mark (up to 2 stacks) for 5 seconds, which is used to enhance her Skill 2, Shadow. If Airi hits an enemy hero, her movement speed will be increased by 40%, which diminishes over 2 seconds. Airi's damage is increased by 100% to non-

hero units.

Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Base Damage 250 300 350 400 450 500
Acceleration 40% 48% 56% 64% 72% 80%
Cooldown 8 7.6 7.2 6.8 6.4 6
Control/Physical 0
Shadow.png Shadow Airi charges in the target direction, and her next normal attack will be enhanced automatically. She can remove the cooldown with 1 stack of Dragon's Mark.
Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Cooldown 10 9.2 8.4 7.6 6.8 6
Movement 0
Ryuu.png Ryuu Airi deals 150 (+40% of AD) physical damage to nearby enemies, gains 2 stacks of Dragon's Mark, and resets the Shadow's cooldown. At the same time, she leaps into the air (immune to control), and deals double the damage after landing, knock away enemies for 0.75 seconds. She also gains a shield for 3/4/5 seconds upon using the ability. Single damage taken during this period cannot exceed 10% of her max HP.
Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3
Base Damage 150 200 250
Shield Duration 3 4 5
Cooldown 60 50 40
Control/Buff 0






Kunoichi (Default)


Obtained with the purchase of Airi.



Obtainable from the Skin Fragment shop.



Obtainable as an AOV Prime exclusive.



Obtainable from the Pendant Shop in the Lucky Draw.

Sakura Fubuki

Sakura Fubuki.jpg

Formerly obtainable as a Lucky Draw reward in 2021.

Sakura Fubuki: Full Moon

Sakura Fubuki Full Moon.jpg

Obtainable from the Pendant Shop in the Lucky Draw.

Kendo Club

Kendo Club.jpg

Obtainable with vouchers.



Formerly obtainable as a Liliana's Magical Draw Reward.

Summer Bash

Summer Bash Airi.jpg

Obtainable in Xeniel's Codex.

The Fatal Duo

The Fatal Duo.jpg

Obtainable for 999 vouchers.

Wicked Blades

Wicked Blades.jpg

Formerly obtainable through an event.

Ceremonial Dragon

Ceremonial Dragon.png

Obtainable as the Season 17 Ranked Reward, by reaching Gold.

Heavenly Striker

Laville Heavenly Striker.jpg

Formerly obtainable through Liliana's Magical Draw.

Balance changes[]

  • 21st January 2021, update Beta 29.[1]


Design Description:

We noticed the community frequently requesting an Airi buff. From a data standpoint, Airi’s strength was acceptable. However, she was weak in the current Slayer Lane environment and could only farm levels and wait for the opportunity to assassinate the opponent’s back row.

We used passive true damage and healing to help Airi face typical Warriors while maintaining her skirmishing abilities.We also added preconditions to Airi’s explosive maneuvers. This will allow opponents in the back row more playability versus her dives and allow more room for confrontation. We also added a new damage reduction mechanic to Airi’s ultimate to help her avoid instant death in the late game. We hope you will continue to provide your feedback on Airi!

Base attributes:

Normal Attack Interval: 0.8s -> 1s

Movement Speed: 390 -> 380

HP Growth: 256.5->300


Airi’s every fourth normal attack deals 120% bonus Physical True Damage (to the current target) and reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

True Damage has no Critical Chance. True Damage dealt to heroes gains 100% Life Steal.

Ability 1:

Airi slings her shuriken to slice enemies along the path, dealing 250/300/350/400/450/500 (+80% AD) of physical damage and causing Knockaway to all enemies in her path for 0.75 seconds. Airi receives a dragon seal for 5 seconds for every enemy Hero hit. Seals are consumed to strengthen Ability 2 – Shadow.

If Shadow is on cooldown, the seals reset the cooldown timer.

Airi gains 40/48/56/64/72/80% Speed-Up that diminishes over 2 seconds.

Damage to non-Hero units increased by 60%.

Cooldown: 7 s -> 8~6 s

Projectile Speed: 13.5 m/s -> 14 m/s

Projectile Distance: 9 m -> 10 m

Ability 2:

Airi charges in the specified direction and deals 75/90/105/120/135/150 (+50% of AD) physical damage to enemies in her way and automatically converts the next Normal Attack to the fourth Normal Attack.

One dragon seal can be consumed to reset the cooldown timer.

Cooldown: 9~6 s -> 10~6 s

Direct Skill: removed pre-cast and post-cast animation.

Movement Distance: 4.5 m -> 4 m


Airi instantly breaks all control effects and deals 150/200/250 (+40% of AD) Physical Damage to all surrounding enemies. She gains two dragon seals, and the Shadow cooldown timer is reset. Airi leaps up briefly (during which she is immune from all control effects), dealing two-times the original damage to the enemies when she lands and causing knockaway for 0.75 seconds.

Airi instantly casts a shield lasting 3/4/5 seconds. While the shield is active, single damage sustained will not exceed 8% of Max HP, and Attack Speed is increased by 60/80/100%.

Cooldown: 40~30 s -> 40 s

  • 5th April 2021, update Beta 30.


Design description:

While Airi’s win ratio is normal from a data standpoint, we noticed that some players complain about her weakness early game. Before level 4 she has difficulty fighting other heroes in the Dark Slayer lane. So, we made adjustments to her Ability Power, improved her enhanced normal attack, and made her Ability 1 deal more damage to non-hero units. These changes will help her survive the early game. To keep her balanced, we removed two attributes the are relatively unimportant in her kit, the damage from Ability 2 and the attack speed bonus given by her Ult.


Enhanced Normal Attack:120% Bonus Physical Damage -> 150% Bonus Physical Damage

Ability 1:

Damage to non-heroes:60% -> 100%

Ability 2:

Removed damage


Removed attack speed bonus

  • 12th May 2021, update Beta 31.



After the previous rework, Airi’s overall strength has been at the top of the list, so her core passive value has been slightly reduced this time round. In addition, the dispel control mechanism of her Ultimate combined with her strong combat abilities and mobility makes her difficult to be pinned, so we’ve also extended her Ultimate’s cooldown to lengthen her vulnerable period.


True Damage: 150% > 136% (+1%/Lv)


Cooldown: 40 > 60 - 10/Lv

  • 8th November 2021, update Beta 34




Damage: 1.35 AD -> 30+1.2 AD


Max damage received from single attack: 8% of own max HP -> 10% of own max HP



  • 21st January 2020— introduction of Reworked Airi.
  • Airi was the first hero to hail from Mist Island.
  • Hayate, Tachi, and Airi are all from Mist Island, and are able to deal true damage as well.
  • Hayate is like a brother to Airi.
  • Airi is a sister-like figure to Aoi.
  • Aoi, Airi, Tachi, and Hayate originate from Mist Island.
  • She is the highest-ranked hero in 2021 to receive the most balance changes, a total of 7.

See also[]


  1. Beta 29 update.