Arena of Valor Non-Pro Tournament 2017 (AoV NPT)

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Arena of Valor Non-Pro Tournament 2017 (AoV NPT) is a tournament for Arena of Valor.

Format[edit | edit source]

Over the course of five weeks, between October 23th - November 25th, each country will try to collect enough points to secure themselves a spot at the AoV NPT DreamHack Winter Finals. Only the top four countries in the ranking will be invited to the finals. The tournament is split in two separate groups:

  • One group of directly invited influencers* from Italy, Sweden, Germany, France, UK and Spain.
  • One group of qualified non-pro teams**:
    • UK open qualifier winner
    • Italy open qualifier winner
    • Germany open qualifier winner
    • Sweden open qualifier winner
    • Spain open qualifier winner
    • France open qualifier winner
  • Each influencer team will play two matches and teams will be awarded with 3 points for their country per victory.
    • Only the non-pro teams will be eligible for their share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Other details[edit | edit source]

  • Non-pro teams play round robin for 5 weeks with one match every week being played in the ESL Poland studio.
  • Travel for the teams will be paid for.
  • Each victory gives them 3 points for their country.
  • The open qualifiers are set to take place on Saturday, October 21st, and are open to any team consisting of five players that reside in the country they are competing for.