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Cresht, The Mermidon, is one of the Arena of Valor heroes, classified as a tank and a support. Mostly played at the support role, he has exceptional tankiness and high burst damage. His ultimate Metamorphosis is a game-changing engager. With his gigantic health pool and mobility with his Aquatic shield, he can facecheck to take vision and remain unscathed. His rage-based ultimate makes him a terrifying presence on the map, but only when he is able to cast is ultimate. He is also great at peeling his allies with both Typhoon and Aquatic shield.

Class: Tank / Support
Role: Mobility / Control
 Lvl 1  Gain Lvl 15
HP 3450 +349.4 8341
Mana 0 +0 0
Attack Damage 153 +10.6 301
Attack Speed 0% +1% 14%
Armor 125 +27.1 504
Magic Defense 50 +8.5 169
HP / 5 sec 57 +4.1 115
Mana / 5 sec 0 +0 0
Movement Speed 380
Attack Range Melee
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"Strength or death!"

Cresht, the Mermidon, frequently talked of the Boiling Sea from which he came from. However, when dealing with Cresht, one would do well to remember that this sea was not called so because of its temperature, but because of the constant chaos beneath its waters, and that he remained at the top of its food chain.

Ancient records didn't contain much detail regarding Cresht's origins. The only relevant knowledge that man was able to garner came from a bard's song: "A monstrosity rising from the sea's hungry depths; its trident so terrible it brings naught but death."

In the War of Man and Beast, Cresht fought fearlessly on the front lines, endlessly tormenting the humans. Surprisingly, Cresht didn't return to the Boiling Sea after the war. Instead, he took it upon himself to pursue higher goals than just devouring the frail and weak.

"A battle between Gods and Demons must include Cresht!"


           Icon            Name Description Rage Cost Type
Metamorphosis.png Metamorphosis Cresht consumes all Rage and morphs into his true form, growing in size and gaining an absorption shield. He then summons a massive tidal wave, pushing enemies aside and stunning the enemies at the end of the wave, also dealing 400 (+153 Lvl 1 / +11 per Lvl / +301 Lvl 15) (+100 per 100 AD) physical damage. Cresht gains movement speed while riding the wave, and loses speed once he leaves it. 100 Physical


Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3
Base Damage 400 500 600
Cooldown 40 50 30
link= Shield.png Aquatic Shield Cresht jumps to the target location, summoning a whirlpool that grants friendly heroes a shield, absorbing up to 500 (+72 Lvl 1 / +5 per Lvl / +142 Lvl 15) (+47 per 100 AD) damage. Cresht also gains Rage. Under Metamorphosis, Cresht jumps to the target location and summons a whirlpool that deals 380 (+144 Lvl 1 / +10 per Lvl / +284 Lvl 15) (+95 per 100 AD) physical damage to enemies within range. 0 Physical
Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Damage Reduction 500 570 640 710 780 850
Base Damage 380 430 480 530 580 630
Cooldown 10
Typhoon.png Typhoon Cresht's lance swings grant Rage, knock back surrounding heroes, and deal 360 (+122 Lvl 1 / +9 per Lvl / +240 Lvl 15) (+80 per 100 AD) physical damage. Under Metamorphosis, Cresht summons a geyser that deals 400 (+191 Lvl 1 / +14 per Lvl / +376 Lvl 15) (+125 per 100 AD) physical damage. 0 Physical


Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Base Damage 360 435 510 585 660 735
Damage (Morphed) 400 480 560 640 720 800
Cooldown 6
link= Rage.png Tidal Rage Cresht gains Rage with normal attacks when Metamorphosis is not active. When morphed, Cresht shakes the earth each time he uses an ability, reducing movement speed of enemies in the area by 50% for 2 seconds and significantly increasing his attack damage. Passive Control

Hero Guide[]

Cresht is great at protecting allies. Use Aquatic Shield to give allies a shield in team fights. He is incredibly powerful after using Metamorphosis as he is granted a massive shield and his damage output increases. After morphing, target the strongest enemies to give your team the best advantage.

Position: Bot Lane / Solo Lane
Advantages: Can push away enemies and shield his team, his ult makes him a fortress
Disadvantages: Can be a lifesteal punching bag if played wrong/can be bullied when playing vs a ranged opponent top lane.
Playstyle: Aggressive
Counter: Raz, Azzen’ka, Superman
Arcana: Indomitablet, Benevolence, Skewer

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