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Dark Knight
Batman uses 1.5 seconds to prepare his camouflage. This state lasts 30 seconds. Camouflage ends if he stays within 6 meters of an enemy for more than 3 seconds. During this 30s if he uses the skill again, it will enable the Batman’s power unit that allows him to rush towards a specific direction, causing physical damage to enemies along his path. Batman’s attack speed is increased by 50% for 5 seconds after camouflage.
Lv. 1: 660
Lv. 2: 830
Lv. 3: 1000
Lv. 1: 36
Lv. 2: 30
Lv. 3: 24
Mana cost: 120

Dark Knight is one of the Skills in the game Arena of Valor. It is used by Batman.

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