Elemental Gem

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Elemental Gem
Elemental Gem.png
A magic gem infused with various elemental energies. It is one of the most commonly used materials in the Magic Academy's experiments.
Gold.png 300
Movement Speed

Earth Spirit:Gain 1 Additional Elemental Crystal every 40 seconds, up to 10 Elemental Crystals. Each Elemental Crystal grants 80 HP.

Up-and-Coming: If in the lowest 2 of the team for profits or EXP, gain 8 Gold and EXP every 3 seconds

Modest: Ally heroes nearby earn 100% Gold and EXP from minions and monsters while this hero earns 40%. This effect will expire in 8 minutes.

Distinction: Grants bonus 30% EXP and Gold from assisting a kill.

Elemental Gem is one of the Items in Arena of Valor. This item has been brought into the game as of June 2020.[1]

Note: Only one support item is allowed per team.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The new support items are divided in three categories, each category is suitable for specific classes of supports. Fire support items are for warrior support heroes, water support items for mage support heroes, and earth support items are for tanky supports.

Support items.jpg

Each category has a Tier 2 support item which can then build into Tier 3 items. These Tier 3 items have an additional power, however the powers are the same for all categories. The powers are listed as follows:

  • Barrier: Gives an AOE shield to the hero self and nearby allies.
  • Magic Eye: Gives area vision and grants movement speed bonus.
  • Eradicate: Shoots misslies which deal true damage and slows the lowest HP enemy.
  • Cleansing: Heals and purifies all control effects for the hero self and its nearby allies.
  • Genesis: Provides extra armor and magic defense to self and nearby allies.

Support equipment.jpg

See also[edit | edit source]

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