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The enchantment system was launched on 12 July 2019.

The enchantment system is an entirely free system that will be unlocked when challengers reach level 5. Everything is immediately available after unlocking, with no leveling up or BP.

The Enchantment System and the Arcana System are two separate systems, with the Arcana System favoring attributes, and the Enchantment System enhancing the hero's abilities.[1]

General description

The Enchantment system is a pre-battle strategy system that allows players to match their heroes with different enchantment combinations before the game starts to enhance their performance in different ways.

The Enchantment system allows challengers to combine different Enchantments for powerful effects according to their understanding of the game and the hero in order to win the game.

Players can customize Enchantments for each hero in advance according to their gameplay style, and each Enchantment provides a different ability, so every choice is essential.

There are four Enchantment Masteries: Lokheim, Veda, Afata, and League of Humans, each of which corresponds to a different class.

Veda (Power of Light, Ranged Combat) Suitable for ranged heroes, like marksmen and mages

Enchantment Gallery Veda.png

Lokheim (Power of the Abyss, Melee Combat) Suitable for melee heroes, like warriors and assassins

Enchantment Gallery Lokheim.png

Afata (Force of Nature, Source of Life) Suitable for supports and tanks

Enchantment Gallery Afata.png

League of Humans (Creative Power, Surprise Move) Creative gameplay, suitable for any class

Enchantment Gallery League of Humans 2.jpg

Reaper's Blessing got replaced by Enhanced Restore in the August 2020 update.[2]


Each hero has 3 sets of customize Enchantment page. On each page player can choose 1 primary mastery and 2 secondary masteries according to the features of the hero:

1. Primary Mastery Enchantment. You can choose 2 regular Enchantments and 1 core enchantment for the primary mastery. There are multiple options for the core Enchantment of any mastery; it is the most powerful Enchantment on the page, so it is crucial for you to choose wisely.

Primary Mastery Enchantment.png[3]

2.Secondary Mastery Enchantment. Choose the secondary mastery from the 3 other masteries different from the primary mastery, which has 2 regular Enchantments. They can belong to the same or different mastery.

Secondary Mastery Enchantment.png[3]

See here for recommended enchantment pages.

Enchantment list

Enchantment name Enchantment mastery Icon Enchantment description
Mark of Frost League of Humans Mark of Frost.gif Gains one charge of Freeze 3 minutes into the match. Grants immunity to all damages but renders you immobile and unable to attack.
Reaper's Blessing


Reaper's Blessing.gif Gains Death Sickle 3 minutes into the match, becoming immune to lethal damage. Also gains 20% movement speed for 0.5 second. Can only be triggered once.
Enhanced Restore Enhanced restore.gif Replaces Restore with Enhanced Restore: immediately recover 660 HP and 210 mana.
Arcane Whisper Arcane Whisper.gif You receive an additional 15% reduction in talent cooldown time
Minion Kill Minion Kill.gif For every 25 seconds, the next normal attack/ability kills a minion. After 10 minions were killed by this enchantment effect, instantly receive 200 Gold and reset the kill count (not applicable to Siege Minion and Super Minion).
Gunslinger Gunslinger.gif Spawn with a stack of Gunslinger. Killing or assisting different heroes will grant an additional stack of Gunslinger. Each stack of Gunslinger grants 10 Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power.
Endless Cycle Endless Cycle.gif Able to use "Resurrect" upon death, and is resurrected immediately after use. Resurrect's cooldown ranges from 100 to 310 seconds, depending on your level. Can be used up to 2 times. Enchantment effect disappears after 12 minutes. For each unused resurrection, 300 gold is returned.
Visceral Boost Visceral Boost.gif Spawns at Lv. 2 and gain an additional 50% EXP bonus until Lv. 8. While this bonus is active, Gold and EXP gains from lanes and monsters are reduced by 25%.
Axe of Sacrifice Veda Axe of Sacrifice.gif Deals an extra 3% damage but also receives an extra 2% damage (1% in the case of melee).
Mana Refill Mana Refill.gif Recovers 8% Mana when an ability/normal attack hits an enemy hero.Cooldown: 5 seconds.
Sacred Bead Sacred Bead.gif Ultimates gain an additional 10% cooldown reduction (subject to Ultimate cooldown reduction cap).
Blessing Blessing.gif +12% Crit Chance bonus from equipment.

+8% Ability Power bonus from equipment.

Holy Verdict Holy Verdict.gif Gains 18 (+3/level) Armor/Magic Pierce.
Holy Summoner Holy Summoner.gif Summon a holy spirit for 5 seconds when an enemy hero is hit by 3 consecutive normal attacks. Fairy automatically attacks the enemy that you are attacking, have the same of champion attack speed. Fairy has a range of 9.5 m, deal 2% enemy's Max HP each hit. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
Holy Thunder Holy Thunder.gif The first normal attack or ability attack that hits an enemy triggers Holy Thunder, dealing 100 (+10/level) (0.4 bonus AD) (0.3AP) damage. Each subsequent normal attack or ability attack that hits the enemy shortens cooldown by 1 second (need 0.5 seconds to trigger CD). Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Sacred Protection Sacred Protection.gif After taking damage equal to 30% of your max HP within 3 seconds, you will gain a shield with 550 (+60/level) and 15% Magic Life Steal. Kills and Assists during this time will extend Magic Life Steal by 3 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
Devourer Lokheim Devourer.gif Kills or assists restore HP by 9% of HP lost and Mana by 15%.
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade.gif Each use of movement and charge abilities grants a stack of Shadow Blade for 4 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times. Next normal attack against a hero consumes all Shadow Blade stacks, dealing an additional 30 (+5/level) (+0.1 AD) physical damage per stack.
Raging Inferno Raging Inferno.gif Your normal attack or abilities will inflict 50 (+5/lv) (0.25AP) (0.35 additional AD) magic damage on an enemy hero. Cooldown: 8 seconds.
Deadly Claw Deadly Claw.gif Gains 12-40 points of Attack Damage and 18-60 points of Ability Power (increases by level).
Bone Cutter Bone Cutter.gif Provides 12.5% Resistance.
Desperate duel Desperate duel.gif Hitting an enemy hero with normal attacks or abilities increases movement speed by 2 (1 stack per ranged normal or ability attack, 2 stacks per melee normal or ability attack), last for 3 seconds, stacks up to 10 times. At 10 stacks, restores 15% of lost HP and receives 15% Armor Pierce and Magic Pierce (5% for ranged).
Curse of Death Curse of Death.gif Each abilities/normal attack that hits an enemy hero imposes a stack of mark on the same enemy which lasts 1.5 seconds. At 3 stacks, the enemy will suffer a curse buff that causes 50 (+5/level) (+0.25 additional AD) (+0.2 AP) magic damage to all targets within a 2.5 meter radius, and, 1 second after that, follows it up with 6% (+1% per 100 additional AD) (+1% per 200 additional AP) lost target's HP magic damage to targets within the same area. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Devil's Awakening Devil's Awakening.gif After ultimate is used, reduce skills cooldown by 30% and 20% ultimate's cooldown. Cooldown: 30 seconds.
River Treader Afata River Treader.gif While in riverbed, gains 10 movement speed, and regenerates 20 HP and 10 Mana over 5 seconds.
Backstabbing Backstabbing.gif While in brush, the next normal attack deals additional True Damage equal to 4% of enemy's current HP. Effect remains for 4 seconds after leaving brush. Cooldown: 10 seconds.
Tower Blessing Tower Blessing.gif When you are within 4 meters of a tower, gain an additional 15% Resistance and 10% Damage Reduction against enemy heroes.
Regrowth Regrowth.gif Gains 10% healing and shield effects. If target HP is less than 50%, increases effect by an additional 10%. (Includes equipment and talents.)
Nature's Gift Nature's Gift.gif Each minion or monster that dies near you gives you a permanent HP buff (1 stack from minions, 2 from small monsters, 3 from large monsters). Each stack grants 8 HP, up to a maximum of 100 stacks.
Nature's Rage Nature's Rage.gif When an immobilizing ability (Taunt, Knock Away, Knock Back, Stun, Petrify) hits an enemy hero, inflicts a Burn effect around your champion that deals damage equal to 1% percentage of the enemy’s max HP per 0.5 second for 5 seconds. Affected enemies will suffer a 30 Magic Defense loss (+3/level). Cooldown: 25 seconds.
Explosive Shield Explosive Shield.gif Gains a stack when damage is taken. At 20 stacks, shakes off control effect and sets off an explosion in a 3.5 meter radius. Affected enemies take magic damage equal to 10% of their max HP and become stunned for 0.75 seconds. Meanwhile, receive a 30% boost to healing effect for 3 seconds.
Forest Wanderer Forest Wanderer.gif After exiting combat, the next normal attack will slow down enemy by 30% for 1 second and mark a Stealth Magic Crystal. Magic Crystal bursts in 3 seconds, dealing Magical Damage equal to 8% of the using-champion’s max HP.


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