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Holy of Holies
Holy of holies.png
Gold.png 2990
Ability Power
Unique Passive
Enlightenment: Increases maximum HP by 1400.

Holy of Holies is one of the Items in Arena of Valor.

Holy of Holies is a must have for squishy Mages who want to deal a lot of damage and/or get a lot of HP. However, the item is the most expensive item in the game. The time to buy the item heavily depends on the hero you are playing. You generally want to buy the item after a powerspike. If you attempt to build it before, then you would hit your powerspike, but be down perhaps an item and passive abilities because of Holy of Holies' high cost. You could have built a cheaper, but more cost-efficient item before your powerspike so your powerspike is even higher.

Pros: High Ability Power, Huge HP Boost

Cons: Expensive

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