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The Deceiver

"Life is about breahting, eating and sleeping."

Class: Support
Role: Control
Gold: 18888
Vouchers: 1199
Base HP: 3672
Armor: 138 / 18.6%
Magic Defense: 80 / 11.7%
Attack Damage: 162
Ability Power: 0
Armor Pierce: 0 / 0%
Magic Pierce: 0 / 0 %
Attack Speed: 0 %
Critical Chance: 0 %
Critical Damage: 200 %
Life Steal: 0 %
Magic Life Steal: 0 %
Movement Speed: 350
Cooldown Speed: 0 %
Attack Range: Ranged
Resistance: 0 %
HP Per 5 Seconds: 57
Max Mana: 450
Mana / 5 sec: 16
Max Energy: 0
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Krizzix is the 92th Hero in the game Arena of Valor, classified in the category of support.

Role: control

Perfil[edit | edit source]

  • Dados de nascimento: Floresta Verno
  • Local de nascimento: 25 de setembro
  • Altura: 131 cm

Lore[edit | edit source]

“Life is breathing, eating and sleeping. Responsibility? Who cares?”

If there was one word that could describe Krizzix, it was lazy – absolutely, hopelessly so. Despite his remarkable talent, he was loathe to take up the mantle that fate bestowed on him, and he would not so much as cast one glance at at the crown placed before him by the high priest, though he was much more interested in the plate of fruit beside the crown.

Fortunately, Krizzix was only lazy, not evil. He never failed to help somebody in need, even if he also never failed to complain when he did so. But doing anything other than eating and sleeping annoyed Krizzix to no end, and so when the high priest chose him to be his successor, it took him only an instant to come to the decision to flee – but not before taking a few fruits from the altar. “Sitting on the altar, droning empty words all day…you can’t even pee without asking for permission! It’s like those infamous prisons of humans.” Krizzix complained to his new friend Y’bneth. “Did they think they could bribe me with just a few fruits a day? Pfft! Give me a few plates a day, and maybe I’ll think about it.”

“So, assuming you did become high priest for a few plates of fruit a day. What would you do if you get tired of it?” Said Y’bnetha with a smile, as he handed a fresh, ripe fruit to his runaway friend.

“Easy. I run away and see what new stuff you have here.” Kriez took a bite out of the fruit, allowing its sweetness to permeate his taste buds.And so Krizzix began his new life with Y’bneth. Krizzix enjoyed it very much, for Y’bneth was knowledgeable, kind and generous. Here Krizzix could live the life he always wanted – eat, sleep, and eat again. The most strenuous part of his life was rolling over in his sleep.

As time passed, however, even Krizzix began to feel uncomfortable about intruding on Y’bneth’s hospitality.

“Hey, is there anything that I can do for you? Seems like you’ve done so much for me, and I haven’t given you anything back.”

“Friendship isn’t about getting something in return,” said Y’bneth. “In any case, you are not yet ready to become involved in my destiny.”

“Hey, don’t you look down on me, you old piece of wood!” Shouted Krizzix, miffed by the perceived slight. “I’ve got the blood of the ancient dragons in my veins, you know!”Y’bneth smiled and placated his friend with a ripe and juicy fruit. He did not dismiss Krizzix’s natural talent, but he was clearly not ready to face the terrible foe that was to come.

“You just wait, I swear I’ll help you,” said Krizzix as he chomped on the fruit. He could shrug of criticism of his character, but not criticism of his talent – especially not from his best friend.

“What was I thinking at that time?” Krizzix could be seen grumbling sometime later. “I should have just laid back and enjoyed my life, not go out and look for trouble.”

That day, Krizzix promised Y’bneth to study with his friend and become a guardian of the forest, in order to help Y’bneth. It took only one night for Krizzix to regret his decision, but this time he did not run away. He kept his promise, and began to learn how to unleash the potential in his blood. Krizzix was lazy, a glutton, a ne’er-do-well, but he always kept his promises. That was why he ran away – he did not know if he had what it took to carry the burden of responsibility, or if he had the will to carry on. Which was why he fled.

Years later, Krizzix thought back to the grueling training he went through with a shudder. Yet he had to admit that it was the training that allowed him to not only survive the Lokheim invasion, but also rescue countless comrades from the edge of death. Rather than fight directly on the frontlines, Krizzix used his ability to blend in with the environment and camouflage himself to walk freely in and out of the battlefield, carrying back crucial intelligence and injured comrades. His contributions even earned him the approval of his people, who once detested him for his laziness and lack of responsibility; they even proposed to to invite him back to the tribe as high priest.

Always the free spirit, Krizzix sensed that something was up and quickly fled, preferring a free life in the wilds than the bondage of fame and fortune.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Statistics Mana Cost
Vertical and Horizontal Art 3 seconds after Krizzix leaves the enemy’s line of sight, his next normal attack deals an additional 300 (+45% of AP) magic damage (triggers equipment effects) and reduces movement speed over an area. If Krizzix is outside the enemy’s line of sight at the time of attack, ability cooldown is increased to 10 seconds.
In Plain Sight Krizzix camouflages himself in the environment for 4 seconds. While camouflaged, Krizzix gains 40% movement speed and deals 450/540/630/720/810/900 (+60% of AP) to enemies he touches as well as reduces their armor and magic defense by 25%/28%/31%/34%/37%/40% for 4 seconds. Camouflage is removed when Krzzix deals damage to an enemy in any way except through this ability. 70/75/80/85/90/95
Gravitational Pull Krizzix creates a magic circle around himself, dealing 100/120/140/160/180/200 (+15% of AP) every 0.5 seconds to enemies within for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, the magic circle shrinks, dealing 400/480/560/640/720/800 (+60% of AP) to enemies within, pulling enemies towards Krizzix and stunning them for 1 second. If this deals damage to an enemy hero, all ally heroes within the area gain a shield with 500/600/700/800/900/1000 (+100% of AP) health. 80/85/90/95/100/105
Concealment Krizzix increases the movement speed of nearby ally heroes by 30%, and becomes invisible after 1 second for up to 4 seconds. Krizzix gains line of sight of one enemy hero while ability is in effect. 120/140/160

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  • DDth Month YYYY — introduction of HERO.

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