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The Great Warlord

"I will be the one!"

Lu Bu
Lu Bu profile.png
I will be the one!
Max HP: 3531
Armor: 104 / 0%
Magic Defense: 50 / 7.6%
Attack Damage: 174
Ability Power: 0
Max Mana: 0
Movement Speed: 380
Magic Pierce: 0 / 0%
Attack Speed: 0
Critical Chance: 0
Critical Damage: 200
Life Steal: 0
Magic Life Steal: 0
Cooldown Speed: 0
Attack Range: Melee
Resistance: 0
HP Per 5 Seconds: 54
Mana Per 5 Seconds: 0
Regen Energy Per 5 seconds: 0

Lu Bu is one of the Heroes in the game Arena of Valor.


Image Name Dmg1 Dmg2 Dmg3 Dmg4 Dmg5 Dmg6 CD1 CD2 CD3 CD4 CD5 CD6
Conqueror.png Conqueror 30
Impale.png Impale 12
Martial Master.png Martial Master
Red Stallion.png Red Stallion 10


"You submit? How dare you submit!"

Sitting upon his mighty steed, Red Hare, Lu Bu looked down upon his enemies, prostrate and shaking in horror, and found them inadequate. He could not suppress this anger for much longer. Such victories meant nothing to him. What he desired was a good fight with a real opponent. He loved nothing more than pushing himself when in danger, and that was how he came to be known as the "Peerless Warlord."

Lu Bu began to reminisce of his battle against Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at Hulao Gate. It did indeed seem unfair to fight against the three of them, but Lu Bu was accustomed to these kinds of odds. Truth be told, it was highly unlikely that any other mortal could match him in single combat.

"Tell me, am I the strongest warrior in the world?"

Lu Bu seldom showed his gentle side as he shone resplendently in his armor. The enchanting Diaochan smiled sweetly at this, and fished out a note from her sleeve.

"There may be no one in this world worth fighting with. But, my General, how about the opponents in Heaven? Would you care to battle against them?"

"In Heaven?! That's it!"

Lu Bu could not hide the excitement in his eyes.


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