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Lumburr Splash.png
Max HP: 3537
Armor: 109 / 0%
Magic Defense: 50 / 7.6%
Attack Damage: 156
Ability Power: 0
Max Mana: 470
Movement Speed: 380
Magic Pierce: 0 / %
Attack Speed: 0
Critical Chance: 0
Critical Damage: 200
Life Steal: 0
Magic Life Steal: 0
Cooldown Speed: 0
Attack Range: Melee
Resistance: 0
HP Per 5 Seconds: 58
Mana Per 5 Seconds: 17
Regen Energy Per 5 seconds: 0

Lumburr is one of the Heroes in the game Arena of Valor.


Icon Name Description Cooldown Mana Cost
Ult earth-splitter.png Earth Splitter After a short charging period, Lumburr tears the ground apart with great strength and knocks enemies on the path into the air, dealing x (+x) physical damage. The earth stays torn for 5 seconds, and enemies within suffer a x% movement speed reduction, as well as taking x (+x) physical damage. 40 150
Passive protect.png Protect When there are friendly heroes within 500 units of Lumburr, both Lumburr and the hero with the lowest HP gain x armor and magic defense.
2 rampage.png Rampage Lumburr charges in the target direction, dealing x (+x) physical damage to enemies in his way and knocking them into the air. Affected enemies are slowed by 50% for 1 second after they land. Friendly heroes on the path will receive a shield that absorbs x (+x) damage and gain 15% movement speed for 3 seconds. 15 80
1 shattered-earth.png Shattered Earth Lumburr smashes the ground and shatters stones, dealing x (+x) physical damage to enemies in a frontal cone. Heroes hit by the stones are weakened, reducing their attack damage and ability power by x% for 3 seconds. 6 55


"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!"

Without the element of earth, this world would be nothing! As the manifestation of Mother Earth's will, Lumburr was bestowed with sentience and unmatched resolve. He had silently guarded the earth and its creatures for millennia. Lumburr acted in accordance with the laws of nature: the survival of the fittest! With this single law as his moral code, he never intervened between the wars of Men and Beasts.

"That is nature's way. "

However, Lumburr could not stand idly by when he saw the unnatural forces of Hell destroying everything within their path. Witnessing their brutality firsthand, Lumburr was more than willing to take the burden of war onto his powerful shoulders. Without hesitation, he emerged from the forest and threw himself into the fray.

After engaging in countless battles, Lumburr was soon recognized as the most reliable defensive force for the Allied Army. In fact, once Lumbures mountainous form began rampaging across the battlefield none stood a chance at victory.

"I must eradicate all those who would oppose nature!"

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