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Mages are one of the types of Heroes in Arena of Valor.

Mages are heroes who can deal high area damage, dish out crowd control from a safe distance. Specializing in magic damage, often burst damage, and therefore investing heavily in items that allow them to cast stronger and faster spells, mages excel at chaining their abilities together in powerful combos in order to win fights, though their abilities also tend to be difficult to land and can be mitigated, if not avoided completely, by their targets if they react in time.

Though mages tend to focus on killing prime targets in combat, they can also fall back to their innate crowd control and utility to manipulate key opponents, protecting their team from them or setting them up for a takedown, and in the right circumstances can damage and control multiple enemies at a time. In spite of the influence they exert, mages tend to be innately fragile, and fall quickly to direct strikes.

In general, mages are capable of dealing well with marksmen, as their burst can kill them before they can return the same amount of damage, and fighters, as their crowd control tends to make them excellent kiters. However, they are easily shut down by assassins who can often bypass their reach and spells completely, and tanks, who can lock them down and soak up their abilities better than other classes.

List of mages[]


Artilleries are heroes who are capable of dealing damage from a far distance. Although they can get punished when the enemies managed to close distance due to their squishiness and lack of mobility.


Burst Mages are mages who aim to take down vulnerable targets by dealing devastating damage in short time from a safe distance. They are vulnerable due to their lack of continuous damage and squishiness.


Controllers are types of heroes who can offer crowd control whilst dealing damage, they can be nasty to deal with and must be approached carefully.


Battlemages are mages who are capable of defensive skills, sustainability, continuous damage that can take down durable targets.

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