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This page provides information regarding the latest patch notes of Arena of Valor.

Latest patch notes[]

Update Beta 31[1][]


Dear Challengers,

Arena of Valor will be offline on Tuesday; 11th of May 2021 — from 02:50 to 10 O’clock Coordinated Universal Time (subject to change without prior notice) for maintenance, during which the game will receive the new version Beta31 “5V5 MOBA day” — we recommend all Challengers log out from the game before maintenance break starts to prevent data loss.

I. Championship Matches[]

AoV has entered its fifth year, and in the past four years, we have successfully held four AIC and AWC tournaments. When it comes to hosting such events, your — challenger’s — continuous interest and passion for e-sports is our main driving force. Compared to Standard or Ranked matches, electronic sports matches are more exciting and engaging. Therefore, to give players a richer gaming experience, we have introduced the Championship mode in the new version based on electronic sports matches. The feature extension will allow players to de facto display their strengths and shine on the battlefield in AoV.

New Mode: Championship[]

1. Players can enter the Championship menu through Quick Championship in the Main Menu or through the Championship menu in Casual Match as long as the given event time frame.

2. Tap “Start” to enter a game lobby and invite friends/team up with other players in the Championship to start the match.

3. The Championship matches will adopt the electronic sports Draft Mode. Players who obtain three wins in a row will become the Champion of the round.

4. At the end of the match, players will receive corresponding rewards and perks based on the outcome of that round.

5. In each season, players may participate in multiple Championship match rounds for more rewards and perks.

II. Battlefield Changes[]

1. Tweaked Unpopular Talents[]


- Behind the changes:

In the past, Daze combined offensive and defensive characteristics, resulting in mediocre effects that were easy to disregard, so we’re looking to have Daze focus more on offensive characteristics.

- Details:

Stuns nearby enemies for 0.75 seconds.

Reduces enemy Movement Speed by 20%, Armor by 28 (+2/Lv), and Magic Defense by 14 (+1/Lv) for 2.5 seconds.


- Behind the changes:

In the past, Roar was only used by physical damage-focused heroes with a certain amount of mobility, so we’re looking to expand Roar’s usage (making it available to both melee and magic classes) and make it more sustainable.

- Details:

Increases Resistance by 25% and Damage by 10%, and restores 2% HP per second for 6 seconds.


- Behind the changes:

In the past, Disrupt was only favorable to the dominant side, so we’re looking to expand its usage so that the disadvantaged players will also be able to use Disrupt to take down Defense Towers.

- Details:

Use on Enemy’s Defense Towers: Silences Defense Towers for 4 seconds, and increases by 0.5 seconds for every 3 hero levels gain.

Use on Allies’ Defense Towers: Defense Towers gain damage immunity and fires 2 bullets at a time for 4 seconds.

Disrupt can be cast repeatedly during the period, but it does not stack or return cooldown. If Disrupt is cast on the same Defense Tower within 60 seconds, the effect will only last for 1 second.

2. Remade Unpopular Enchantments[]

Explosive Shield

- Behind the changes:

In the past, Explosive Shield could only be triggered at 20 stacks. Since it took a long time to stack and its effect wasn’t substantial, this led to a low usage of Explosive Shield. So, we’re looking to work on Explosive Shield’s mechanics to make it more suitable for tankers.

- Details:

Stacks after taking damage from enemy heroes (up to 1 stack per second). At 3 stacks, a 4m radius explosion is created, dealing magic damage equal to 2% of own max HP while restoring max HP (5% + 3%*number of heroes hit by the explosion) to self. This effect has a 10-second cooldown.

3. Optimized Game Experience[]

- Details:

  1. Tweaked the transparency of the equipment interface.

- Behind the changes:

We discovered that some players prefer to move their characters around while browsing the Shop and they hope to see their in-game surroundings at the same time, but our existing Shop’s interface is too opaque and the background is completely blacked out. As such, players end up getting stuck on the edge of terrains or killed by others in many instances.

- Details:

Increased the transparency of the equipment interface to allow players to see what’s happening in-game.

  1. Optimized the range of Defense Towers and monster indicators.

Fixed a bug where the monster indicator circle would occasionally disappear.

Optimized Defense Towers’ alert indicator circle. Now, when the enemy’s Defense Tower has locked a target, the indicator circle will remain green until the player enters the Defense Towers’ range.

2. Fixed the issue where Defense Towers’ last damage was reset.

Fixed an occasional bug where the Defense Tower’s damage was reset to its initial damage instead of retaining its enhanced damage after leaving the Defense Tower’s range.

3. Carried over simplified Shop interface.

Simplified Shop settings will no longer be reset when a match ends. Now, players who prefer to use these settings will be able to continue using it indefinitely.

4. Battlefield Adjustments[]

  1. Optimized Mage’s Equipment Tree:

- Behind the changes:

In the current version, due to the need for teammates’ support or profit-sharing when teammates pass by, this has led to the Middle Lane’s stunted leveling in early game.This has made life difficult for mages who rely heavily on equipment.To solve this issue, we tweaked the equipment tree by removing certain base attributes, but lowered the purchase price and retained equipment characteristics in the hopes that this would help affected players better survive this vulnerable period.The price of Hecate’s Diadem, the core late-game equipment, has been slightly increased in order to maintain an overall balance in late-game.

- Specific Optimizations:

Phoenix Tear: Price 600 > 500, Ability Power 60 > 50

Orb of the Magi: Price 2,010 > 1,900

Boomstick: Price 2,000 > 1,800, Ability Power 240 > 200, +5% Movement Speed

Berith’s Agony: Price 2,120 > 1,800, Ability Power 140 > 120, Armor 225 > 200

Hecate’s Diadem: Price 2,300 > 2,400

Arctic Orb: Price 2,000 > 2,200, Ability Power 220 > 240

III: Battlefield Gameplay Optimization[]

1. Control[]

1) Added indicators for successfully cast abilities.

- Behind the changes:

Over time, we realized that players are often unsure if they’ve successfully cast an ability, and this affects their control experience to a certain extent.

- Details:

In the new version, the indicator will turn green at the end of the cast to indicate that the ability has been successfully cast.

2) Added queue casting to abilities when under control effects.

- Behind the changes:

Characters have never been able to preview abilities while being controlled, and for some heroes with multiple control abilities (e.g. Florentino), quick combos prevent opponents from casting skills, which we believe has greatly impacted players’ experience.

- Details:

In the new version, we’ve tweaked the underlying mechanism so that characters are now able to queue abilities in advance when under control, and the ability indicator at this point will turn yellow accordingly.

2. Clarity Optimization[]

  1. Optimized charging timer and effects:

- Behind the changes:

With the increasing number of heroes and skins in the game, many effects have become imperceptible in team fights. This time round, we’ve added general visual cues to certain heroes’ long pre-cast animation and special effects.

- Specific Optimizations:

Charging Timer: For example, Slimz’s Ability 1, Paine’s Ultimate, Violet’s Ultimate, and Brunhilda’s Ultimate, and other long pre-cast animations have been added with a charging timer.

Effects Color:

[Immune to Slow] Effects (Example: Mina’s passive, Dextra’s Ability 1, etc.) has been added with a Green Color.

[Immune to Damage or Cannot be Targeted] Effects (Example: Lauriel’s Ability 2, Fennik’s Ability 2, etc.) has been added with a White Color.

[Increased Damage] Effects (Example: Zanis’ Ultimate, Enzo’s Ultimate’s Passive Effect, etc.) has been added with a Red Color.

[Survivability] Effects (Example: Omen’s Ability 2, Moren’s Ability 1 at full stack, etc.) has been added with an Orange Color.

2) Nearby enemy heroes are now indicated at the screen’s edge:

- Behind the changes:

Enemy heroes who share vision but are off-screen can be located by using the Mini-Map and swiping the screen. However, in a tense team fight, it’s easy to lose sight of one another, so we’ve added a new indicator for enemy heroes near the screen’s edge, and players can choose to activate it according to their preference.

- Details:

The indicator function can be activated in Settings. If enemy heroes near the screen’s edge share the same vision but are off-screen, their location and remaining HP will be indicated at the screen’s edge.

IV. System Optimization[]

1. Optimized Active Feeding Algorithm[]

- Behind the changes:

At present, when players choose the “Active Feeding” report option, the determination criteria is relatively strict, leading to some obvious active feeding cases which wasn’t dealt with successfully.

- Details:

So, the determination guidelines of the active feeding algorithm have been optimized to better meet players’ expectations.The system will now combine the player’s KDA and Participation of the hero used in the match and refer to the performance of teammates to determine whether the player has been actively feeding.If the feeding is determined as deliberate, the player’s Credibility Score will be deducted by 2–3 based on the outcome of the match.

2. Increased AFK Penalties[]

- Behind the changes:

We’ve reset the reporting system’s determination algorithm in “Light and Shadow”.For players who have been offline, have not performed any actions, or have gone AFK for a long period of time, the system will deduct 1–6 points from their Credibility Score depending on the different modes and Tiers.Players who go AFK for unavoidable reasons will reduce their penalty to a certain degree if they actively return to the game.If the incident is reported by another player, 2 points will be deducted in addition to the system penalty.Through long-term data observation, feedback collection and tweaks, we’ve discovered that this new set of algorithms is relatively effective in identifying AFK players.

Therefore, we’ve decided to increase the penalties for offline/AFK behavior based on the current algorithm.Doing so will help protect the experience of players with good gaming behavior.

- Details:

Current: 1–8 points will be deducted according to tier, mode, and match outcome. An average of 4 points is expected to be deducted with each AFK detection.

Tweak: 2–9 points will be deducted according to tier, mode, and match outcome. An average of 6 points is expected to be deducted with each AFK detection.

V. Balance tweaks[]

1. Optimized Hero Gameplay:[]

1. Skud

Design description:

Base attributes:

Max HP: 3,563 > 3,865, +345.5/Lv > +356.5/Lv

Physical Damage: Default 171 > 160, +13.2/Lv > +12/Lv

Physical Defense: +26.4/Lv > +22.5/Lv

Attack Radius: 3m > 2.5m


Skud deals an additional 60–200 (+2% max HP) (+25% magic damage bonus) magic damage on each normal attack to enemies with max HP lower than him (additional hits cannot crit).

Increases Skud’s Max HP by 10%.

Ability 1:

Skud charges in the target direction, dealing 200–400 (+80% physical damage bonus) physical damage to enemies in his path.Hitting an enemy also increases his attack speed by 20%-40%, and his passive and Ability 2’s enhanced normal attacks’ magic damage is also increased by 50% for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 8s

Movement Distance: 5.5m > 5m

Ability 2:

Skud infuses boiling blood into his gloves, increasing his movement speed continuously for 5 seconds before diminishing after reaching 40% at 3 seconds. His next normal attack is enhanced and deals an additional 300–800 (+8% max HP bonus) (+100% magic damage bonus) magic damage (additional hits cannot crit) while reducing enemies’ movement speed by 30%-60% for 2 seconds.

Enhanced normal attacks on enemies will reduce his Ability 2’s cooldown by 50%.

Cooldown: 10s


Skud charges for 0.8 seconds (able to move during this period and is immune to control effects) then spins and hits all nearby enemies with his fist, dealing 400–800 (+120% physical damage bonus) physical damage, knocking them back for 1.5 seconds.

Passive: When the Ultimate is ready, killing minions or monsters will restore 4%-8% of his max HP.

Cooldown: 40s > 30s

2. The Joker — The Clown Prince of Crime

Design description:


Enhanced Bullet Storage Mechanic: Up to 5 bullets.

New Enhanced Bullet Obtaining Method:

- Ability 1: Gain 2 bullets upon hitting enemy heroes, and 1 bullet when hitting non-hero units.

- Ultimate: Gain 3 bullets upon hit.

Additional Damage from Enhanced Bullets: 120 + 12/Lv + 0.6AD > 3% of the target’s current HP (+1% per 2 levels) + 0.4AD

Removed the slow effect of enhanced bullets.

Ability 1:

New: Hits inflict a 30% slow effect for 2 seconds.


Slow Effect: Enhanced Bullet Slow Effect (50%-90%) > Fixed 50%

Slow Duration: 1s > 2s

3. Annette

Design description:


Remade: Gain the Whisperwind effect every 20 seconds (+15% movement speed when not used). When a nearby hero uses an ability or if Annette hits an enemy with a normal attack, she gains Whisperwind 1 second faster, and the progress is displayed on the Energy bar below the HP bar.

When allies or own HP falls below 70%, restores 275 (+25/Lv + 0.3 AP) HP to all heroes within 3m > When allies or own HP falls below 85%, restores 225 (+20/Lv + 0.6 AP) HP to all heroes (including self) within 4m.

Ability 1:

Control Optimization: Reduced the duration of cast animation and stun.

New: When hitting an enemy in the center, the Whisperwind is obtained 1 second faster (up to 4 times).

Center Damage Bonus: 2% of target’s max HP > 1% of target’s max HP

Ability 2:

Passive Effect: Removes physical and magic resistance bonus, Shield 300–600 + 0.5 AP > 750–1,500 + 1.0 AP


New: If an ally hero is within radius when summoning the hurricane, the ability can be cast again (2 seconds interval). If the second phase has not been triggered, a 30% cooldown will be returned. The natural gaining speed of Whisperwind is increased by 5 times when she’s in the hurricane.

Removed: Remove control effects

Increases nearby allied Heroes’ Movement Speed by 40% and Attack Speed by 30–50% > Increases nearby allied Heroes’ and own Movement Speed by 20% and Physical and Magic Resistance by 50–100.

Casting Area: 6m > 4.5m

Hurricane Radius: 3.5m > 4.25m

Hurricane Duration: 2.5s > 2s

Control Duration: 1s > 0.75s

Damage: 400–800 + 0.5AP > 300–600 + 0.5AP

4. Qi

Design description:

Basic Attributes:

Increased normal attack’s stun by 0.66 seconds.

Reduced normal attack range by 0.5m, but enhanced normal attacks remain unchanged.

Enhanced normal attacks can be stored up to 4 times, and a mark indicator has been added below the HP bar.

Ability 1, 2, and 3 now have a larger enemy finding range, making smart casting more accurate.

Passive Ability

Additional Physical Damage from Boosted Normal Attacks: 0.4 Physical Attack > 30 (+5/Lv) (+0.25 Physical Attack)

HP Regen from Boosted Normal Attacks: 120 (+30/Lv) > 100 (+25/Lv)

Armor from Casting Abilities: 50 (+10/Lv) > 30 (+5/Lv)

Ability 1

Movement Speed: 17m/s > 15m/s

Physical Damage: 240/290/340/390/440/490 + 0.85 physical damage > 300/375/450/525/600/675 + 0.55 physical damage

Ability 2

New Mechanic: Her final damage will slow targets by 50% for 1 second.

Added an overhead bar to indicate when her fifth damage and slow will take effect.

Phase Physical Damage: 90/108/126/144/162/180 + 0.4 physical damage > 120/150/180/210/240/270 + 0.25 physical damage

Phase Reduction of Target’s Armor: 20 (+8/Lv) > 15 (+5/Lv)


Phase 2 Trigger Mechanic: Hitting a target and cause them to hit the terrain > Hitting a target will cause her to cast Ability 2 after 3 seconds, and if the target hits the terrain, her Ability 2’s cooldown will be refreshed immediately.

New Mechanic:

While her Ultimate knock back the units hit, she will deal the same amount of physical damage to other enemy units and knock them back for 0.5 seconds.

Phase 1 Physical Damage: 240/360/480 + 0.6 physical damage > 300/450/600 + 0.45 physical damage

Physical Damage from Hitting Terrain: 80/120/160 + 0.2 physical damage > 100/150/200 + 0.1 physical damage

Phase 2 Physical Damage: 160/240/320 + 0.4 physical damage > 200/300/400 + 0.25 physical damage

2. Tweaks:

1. Dirak:

Ability 2:

When firing in the form of Scattershot, opponents will only take a maximum of one Scattershot damage and control effects.

Single Scattershot Damage: 100 + 20/Lv + 0.25 AP > 200 + 40/Lv + 0.5 AP

Single Scattershot Control Effect: 0.4 seconds > 0.5 seconds

2. Tulen:

Ability 1:

Single Damage: 450 + 60/Lv + 0.78 AP > 500 + 70/Lv + 0.75 AP

3. Wiro:


Removed his defense reduction effects when his passive ability is triggered.


Cooldown: 60–5/Lv > 50–5/Lv

4. Roxie:

Ability 2:

Shield: 200 + 80/Lv + 10% max HP > 100 + 60/Lv + 8% max HP

5. Veera:

Ability 1:

Cooldown: 7 > 6

Ability 2:

Cooldown: 10–0.6/Lv > 12–0.6/Lv

6. Airi:


True Damage: 150% > 136% (+1%/Lv)


Cooldown: 40 > 60–10/Lv

7. Moren:


Fixed a bug where Life Steal duration is displayed wrongly in the ability description (1s > 1.5s)

Ability 1:

Damage: 25 + 95% AD > 50 + 5/Lv + 70% AD

Ability 2:

Slow Effect: 30% > 50%

Slow Duration: 2s > 1s

8. Chaugnar:


Fixed a bug where the 1 second continuation effect after increasing allies’ movement speed by 20% is ineffective when activated.

9. Lorion:


Fixed a bug that caused the Electromagnetic Sphere to electrocute faster when out of Lorion (0.5s/time > 0.75s/time)

10. Kahlii:


Adjusted the Ultimate’s indicator to better match the actual damage area.

11. Nakroth:

Ability 2:

Fixed a bug where the indicator radius (4m) and actual movement distance (6m) did not match.


Fixed a bug where Nakroth remains immune to control for a brief period even after the Ultimate has ended.

Fixed a bug where the determination range behind Nakroth is overly large.

Fixed a bug where the final determination would also follow Nakroth’s turn.

Determination Width: +1.5m

12. Paine:


Fixed a bug where landing would deal additional 50% magic damage.

Fixed a bug that deals slightly more than 50% magic damage as he dashes.

13. Veres:


Veres had some problems with the implementation of his Ultimate previously. We have optimized it and improved its trigger time.

Ability 1:

Slow Effect: 30%-50% > 50%

Ability 2:

Slow Effect: 30%-50% > 50%


Movement Speed: 37.5m/s > 25m/s

Post-Cast Animation Time: -0.2s, and reduced the hit determination time by 0.133s.

14. Murad:


Mark Duration before Full Stack: 3.5s > 5s

Ability 1:

Fixed a bug where the residual effects deviated slightly from the actual location.

Mana Cost: Default 80 > 60

15. Hayate:

Ability 1:

Fixed: Now, bullets will be interrupted normally when suffering control effects.

16. Lauriel:

Ability 1:

Casting Delay: -0.066s

17. Zill:

Ability 1:

Fixed a bug where its ability only deals some of its damage at the farthest point.

Adjusted the ability indicator’s range to better match the actual range.

18. Sinestrea:

Ability 1:

Enhanced Normal Attack: Moves to the back of enemies > Moves to the front of enemies

19. Kriknak:

Ability 1:

Casting Delay: -0.066s

Ability 2:

Stun Duration: -0.133s

Movement Speed: 15m/s > 20m/s

HP Regen from Attacking Heroes: 190 (+40/Lv) (+0.9 AD Bonus) > 250 (+50/Lv) (+1.2 AD Bonus)

Added HP Regen when attacking Non-Hero Units: 125 (+25/Lv) (+0.6 AD Bonus), but does not stack.


Phase 2 Movement: Increased pre-cast animation by 0.2s

20. Slimz:

Ability 2:

Movement Speed: 10m/s > 15m/s

Stun Duration: -0.133s

Tweaks: It’s no longer possible to remove Ability 1’s pre-cast animation from queue casting.

21. Florentino:

Ability 1:

Fixed an issue where flowers could end up in a wrong location when his ability casting is interrupted.

Ability 2:

Fixed a bug where the slow ratio would increase with each level.

22. Zanis:

Ability 1:

Speed-Up Effect: 80% > 50%

Speed-Up Duration: 2s > 3s

Ability 2:

Attack Speed Bonus: 100% (+20/Lv) > 200%


Stun Duration: -0.133s

Landing Location: Front of target > Target location

23. Taara:


Duration: 6 + 1/Lv > 5 + 1/Lv

HP Regen per Second: 6% > 8%

24. Ishar:

Ability 1:

Removed: Boosted Ability 1 deals extra Magic Damage around the mushroom when it explodes after 2.5 seconds.

Added: Boosted Ability 1 now deals an additional 20% Magic Damage (compared to normal Ability 1).

Ability 2:

Removed: 30% slow effect for 0.5 seconds after Ability 2’s Knock Away.


New: Enemies hit by the Ultimate will be slowed by 50% for 2 seconds when they touch the edge of the circle to escape.

25. Krizzix:

Optimized the responsiveness when casting Ability 2. There is no longer a short freeze after activating Ability 2.

26. Lumburr:

Normal attack range increased by 0.5m.

VI. Bug Fixes and Other Improvements[]

1. Optimized Energy Mechanic[]

For heroes whose abilities cost Energy and whose Energy recovers automatically, we’ve optimized the underlying Energy recovery mechanics to make the Energy recovery more reasonable.Affected Heroes: Hayate, Paine, Raz, Florentino, and Iggy

Before Optimization: A certain amount of Energy is recovered continuously at regular intervals.

After Optimization: Energy only recovers at regular intervals when Energy is not full.

2. Riktor[]

Graphics Optimization: Normal attack effects in all three forms have been tweaked.

Before Update: Yellow in all three forms

After Update: Road form retains the previous yellow slash effect, and added a new slash effect when in the Riverbed and Brush.



3. Other Changes[]

In the process of sorting out the heroes, we’ve corrected the heights of four heroes: Annette, Ishar, Allain, and Riktor.

Hotfix patch notes[]

28th Januray 2021[2]

Dear Challengers,

on 28th of January 2021, AoV will hold a Hotfix to perform some adjustments to Hero Balance. Please check the information below for more details.

Balance update

Battlefield Adjustments[]

Ilumia, The Seer (ADJUSTED)[]

We believe that Ilumia' first skill makes a great offensive interaction, however, at the same time due to the cooldown she relies on her second skill to have an escape possibility; at the end ending to never use her second skill to deal damage. Therefore we are lowering her cooldown to strength the interactions of her first, second skill and provide a strong backup to her teammates. Furthermore, we will nerf the damage output of her first skill to keep the balance regards the cooldown buff.

Skill 1: Divine Light

Base Damage:400+40/lv+0.45MP->350+40/lv+0.4MP

Cooldown:4->3 seconds

Dirak, Supreme Mage (NERFED)[]

After we have nerfed the jungle hero’s HP regen, the advantages of Dirak' ultra-long-range poke become more obvious. Dirak can hide in the distance and poke the enemy’s HP without risk, therefore, we have reduced the range of his first and second skill.

Skill 1:Astrolobe

The maximum distance that can trigger knockback has been reduced by half a meter

Skill 2:Fallen Star

Range:11 meters->10.5 meters

Murad, The Wanderer (BUFFED)[]

As mentioned already; our changes to the equipment that regen HP affected the positive interaction rate of certain heroes—started to have issues while farming in terms of development and general survival due to our changes. Therefore, we are going to buff Murad, Nakroth and Quillen to compensate for the development ability and general survivability.

Skill 1:Thorn of Time

Base Damage:120+24/lv+1.0AD->150+20/lv+1.0AD

Cooldown:12-1.4/lv->10-0.8/lv seconds

HP Growth:215->250

Nakroth, The Executioner’s Blade (BUFFED)[]

Skill 1: Jury Fury

Base Damage:135+16/lv+0.62AD->150+20/lv+0.7AD


HP Growth:246->260

Quillen, Purifying Blade (BUFFED)[]

Skill 1:Mutilate

Additional AD bonus for a single damage:0.45->0.5


HP Recovery:70+35/lv+0.15 of bonus AD->100+50/lv+0.25 of bonus AD

Superman, The Man of Steel (BUFFED)[]

Superman' adjustments with Beta29 did not take the effect we have had planned for him on the Antaris Battlefield — especially—his first skill is in our internal data in a pretty negative spot. Therefore, we’re going to buff his first skill to ensure facing Superman' is not something his enemies can ignore easily.

Skill 1: Kryptonian Strength

Breath Damage:150+150/lv+1.2AD->175+175/lv+1.5AD

Laser Damage:175+175/lv+1.3AD->175+175/lv+1.5AD

Cooldown:10~6->10~5 seconds

Hayate, The Ghostwalker (NERFED)[]

Since the adjustments of critical damage and the physical damage changes in the latest Beta, Hayate' immersive true damage output has achieved a great but too strong interaction—putting him in an advantaged position compared to other markspeople. We’re going to nerf Hayate’ true damage-output for more balance between the markspeople on the Antaris Battlefield.

Passive:Blood of the Dragon

True Damage:72+2/lv+0.25AD->40+0.25AD,can crit

Thorne, The Silent Dissenter (ADJUSTED)[]

After the last changes, Thorne' performance in Abyssal Dragon Kraydus Lane is still underwhelming, on the other hand, his performance in the jungle position is relatively strong. Therefore, we’re going remove the purple bullet’s damage against non-epic monsters, but at the same time, the damage against epic-monsters and minions will be buffed — combined with the adjustment of the blue bullets. We hope that Thorne' ability to clear lanes will shine in the early-game and mid-game, again.

Skill 1:Magic Bullet

Purple bullets have no effect on small jungle creeps

Skill 2:Excite

Increase the range of next attack by 1.5 meters

Omega, Sage (NERFED)[]

Omega’s dominance in the support position is still high after our internal data. In interaction with the hero in the middle, Omega can almost make the opponent’s minions vanish instantly. Therefore, we are going to nerf Omega’ lane clear ability.

Skill 2:Veda Tech

Slash Damage:75+55/lv+1.0AD+5%~10%HP->25+50/lv+1.0AD+4%~9%HP

Mina, The Reaper Queen (NERFED)[]

Mina’ interactions, strength in Dark Slayer lane and the win rate in the support position have increased beyond our expectations. Therefore, we are going to focus on nerfing the base damage of Mina’ skills.

Skill 1:Whirling Scythe

Base Damage:200+40/lv->125+40/lv

Ultimate:Dark Dominion

Cooldown:40-5/lv->45-5/lv seconds

Keera, Nightingale (NERFED)[]

The ability power assassin' in the jungle position in comparison with the physical damage assassin’ in the jungle position have a strong overall performance in this Beta, especially, Keera' performance is particularly outstanding. Therefore, we are going to slightly lower the movement speed of her ultimate to reduce her excessively strong pursuit and supportability.

Ultimate:Fading Phantom

Acceleration rate: Fixed at 50%->40%

Butterfly, Death’s Whisper (NERFED)[]

The interactions against a Butterfly in the jungle position are not within our expectations, and the ‘cannot be target’-effect shrinks the interaction possibility in such a manner that enemies can only sit and wait for their death. The original purpose of this design was to improve her interactions with the ultimate, and not to avoid damage. Therefore, we are going to change it to an ‘iron-body’-effect—meaning she is no longer immune to damage and can be targeted.


Can be targeted while blinking

Loki’s Curse (Magic Jungling Equipment)

Basic Attributes

+120 Ability Power > +100 Ability Power

Unique Passive—Elemental Power

+60% ability power >+50% ability power


  1. Fixed an issue where the special effects of Sephera' fishes would stay in place when moving while casting ultimate under certain particle quality settings.
  2. Fixed an issue of the match stats being incorrect in Deatch Match.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused some devices could not turn on the high frame rate-mode.
  4. Fixed a Duo Race issue where a challenger could run half a lap faster than expected by entering on a teammate’s vehicle at some special points.
  5. Fixed an overlapping issue that occurs on the UI button text of the gem exchange interface.
  6. Fixed a disappearance issue of Butterfly’s and Laville’s weapons under certain circumstances.
  7. Fixed a sharing issue of heroes in the relationship system.
  8. Fixed an issue where Wisp’s passive magic damage can be triggered under any circumstances.
  9. Fixed an issue where the in-game chat report guide animation would freeze when it appeared.

Dev Diary[]


  1. Arena of Valor. [1]
  2. Hotfix Beta 29H[2]