Pooty Poots

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Pooty Poots
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Tee starts to build up gas in his stomach, causing him to increase his movement speed. During this time, Tee tries to hold it all in for as long as possible (can be unleashed earlier by tapping the ability again). Tee then unleashes a stinky plume, causing all enemies in the area to suffer magic damage and become stunned for up to 2 seconds. The longer Tee holds in his funky fumes, the higher the damage and stun period.
Lv. 1: 233
Lv. 2: 300
Lv. 3: 367
Lv. 4: 434
Lv. 5: 501
Lv. 6: 568
Lv. 1: 5
Lv. 2: 5
Lv. 3: 5
Lv. 4: 5
Lv. 5: 5
Lv. 6: 5
Mana cost: 65

Pooty Poots is one of the Skills in the game Arena of Valor. It is used by TeeMee.

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