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Purifying blade

"Prepare for the worst and for the best"

Quillen is the 76th Hero in the game Arena of Valor, classified in the category of assassin.


  • Date of Birth: Nov 21
  • Place of Birth: Federation of the Free
  • Height: 182cm
  • Age: 21


“The survival and dignity of mankind is solely reliant on swords and guns.”

Quillen is the rising political star in the Free Federation. Young, handsome, sophisticated, composed, erudite, eloquent and cunning at the same time, Quillen would have been on his way to the top of authority had he not been radical on his political stance.

However, Quillen never planned on changing his standpoint. After all, he is still much younger than those aged politicians. In other words, he has the time and patience to wait until the senile ones retire, or even meet their end. Quillen has a mixed feeling about his decision and laments the fact that mankind does not have a long lifespan.

The difference of lifespan fully embodies human’s individual quality. Compared to other intelligent beings, humans do not have the ability to pass on their potentials and are not blessed by magic talents. In times of chaos, it is necessary for humans to depend on the protection of the Holy Hall to secure their land, food and lives.

“Nowadays, even though we humans have occupied most of the continents and mastered magic and technology that is on par with the divine power, we are still facing threats from other species. From demons in the abyss and the elves in the woods to demigods in the Holy Hall, they have what it takes to wipe out all human beings. We have to stay alert. The allies today might be our enemies tomorrow!”

This was part of Quillen’s speech during the promotion of “Theory on Foreign Threats”. Starting out as an ordinary citizen, he works his way up in his political career. His political standpoint not only wins the voters’ recognition, but also earns the support from the radicals. But more importantly, he received the invitation from the “Shadow Hand”.

“Purge the aliens! Cleanse the world!” As an extreme racist organization, the Shadow Hand advocates even more radical concepts than Quillen does. They believe that violence is the only means to eradicate those imposing threats to mankind, so that humans can obtain absolute control of the world.

Quillen does not reply the envoy from the mysterious organization right away. He is thrilled at the offer as he is able to work with those who share his thoughts, but he also realizes that he still lacks the power and strength to reach his ultimate goal. He simply cannot afford to put all his eggs in one basket.

The envoy seems to have anticipated the outcome, so he presents on a desk a series of proofs manifesting the power of the organization. From politics to economics, and technology to military, members of this mysterious organization are virtually everywhere.

The envoy’s sincerity and the desk of proof seems to affect Quillen’s thinking: he can almost envisage a bright future ahead of him. At that moment, in order to achieve his dream, he has to take risks.

Since then, being a councilor in the federal committee is just a disguise. To Quillen, recruiting new members for the Shadow Hand and training killers are his main duties to pledge allegiance. In return, the organization paves the way for his career, thus pushing him all the way up to the leading position.

Quillen, a decent, discreet politician by day, and an extremist who does what it takes to exterminate every alien by night, lives under his motto: survival of the fittest!


Icon Name Description Statistics Mana Cost
Spinal Stab Attacks made behind the enemy have a 100% chance to strike critically with a base damage of 125%, and an additional 0.5% for every 1% critical chance Quillen gains. None of the attacks made in front of the enemy will be critical strikes. The highest amount of damage dealt to non-heroes is capped at 1,500.
Mutilate Quillen attacks twice in the target direction, dealing physical damage.
Decimate Quillen moves in the target direction rapidly and attacks a nearby enemy after reaching his destination, dealing physical damage and marking the target for 10 seconds. Each time Quillen attacks the marked target, the target’s movement speed is reduced for 1 second and the cooldown for Decimate is reduced by 1 second. Quillen also takes 30% less damage from the marked target. Only one enemy can be marked at any given time.
Assassinate Quillen enters stealth after a short charging time. While in stealth, he gains 40% movement speed and recovers HP every 0.5 second for 3 seconds. When he launches an attack, he comes out of stealth, gains attack damage and 30% movement speed for 1 second when he damages an enemy target.






Quillen has an average jungle clear due to his low damage in the early game. So when you're trying to clear the jungle fast on either red or blue side, try to kill every mobs by standing behind them. His passive Spinal stab deals critical damage when he hits a target from behind, so try to use it. Reposition yourself with Decimate by dashing through the monsters.

Quillen is a really good finisher. So when there's a teamfight or when you gank a lane, like the duo lane, always try to do it when your enemies are mid or low hp, so it will be very easy to carry your team at the beginning and let them do the work.

Quillen is still very very very fragile. So if you kill an enemy, use your ult and hide in a bush because your ultimate will heal you a percentage of your HP. In the case of when the second enemy has mid or low hp and you're at 100% sure you'll secure the kill, you don't need to ult immediately after the first kill. Because thanks to his passive when he assists on a kill or kills an enemy, Quillen's abilities cooldowns are reset.

Just keep in mind than Quillen is a super aggressive assassin, fragile but thanks to his passive, damage and his ultimate ability he can carry a whole team by himself.


  • Master Surgeon is a Limited skin and can be acquired by purchasing in the shop.
  • Dystopia Enforcer: Viper is a Limited Codex skin and can be acquired via Xeniel's Codex.
  • Imperial Blademaster is a Limited Codex skin and can be acquired via Xeniel's Codex.
  • Head Boy is a Limited Heroic skin and can be acquired by purchasing in the shop.


Balance changes[]


  • 24th November 2018 — introduction of Quillen.[1]

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