Arena of Valor Wiki

There are a variety of ranks in Arena of Valor.


Playing the Ranked Match mode, a player can reach ranks by winning games. With each win, the player progresses closer to the next rank by earning stars. Each consecutive rank has an increasing level of skill. Thus, players need to acquire more skill by developing their strategies, mechanics, and map awareness. Therefore, higher ranks are best considered to be "elite", while lesser ranks are conversely much easier to obtain. Every player starts at the rank Bronze III and can climb up to Master, the highest rank in the game.


The ranks are achievable in the following order:

The stars required for each rank differs. Bronze starts with three tiers, with each tier requiring 3 stars. As the player climbs up the ranking, reaching Gold will require four tiers, with each tier requiring 4 stars. Starting from Platinum, the ranks are divided in five tiers with each tier requiring 5 stars. Whenever the player reaches Master, there are no tiers anymore and the stars will continue to accumulate as a number. Veteran was the latest rank added in season 11, placed between Diamond and Master.

From 5th Anniversary update version (2021), they added "Legendary" rank for those who get 50 Stars. Noted that you must reach to Legendary first to receive Eternal Legend.

The top 50 Legendary will receive the title "Eternal Legend". Eternal Legend is not considered as a seperate rank in the game but an additional label for the top Legendary players, however players will often refer to Eternal Legend as a rank.

Season reset[]

At the end of each season, the ranks of each player will get reset. This happens according to the table below.

Rank changes starting from season 11
Before After Before After
Master 51+ Veteran II Platinum I Platinum IV
Master 41-50 Veteran III Platinum II Platinum IV
Master 31-40 Veteran IV Platinum III Platinum V
Master 21-30 Veteran V Platinum IV Platinum V
Master 11-20 Diamond I Platinum V Gold I
Master 0-10 Diamond II Gold I Gold II
Veteran I Diamond III Gold II Gold III
Veteran II Diamond III Gold III Gold IV
Veteran III Diamond IV Gold IV Gold IV
Veteran IV Diamond IV Silver I Silver I
Veteran V Diamond V Silver II Silver II
Diamond I Platinum I Silver III Silver III
Diamond II Platinum I Bronze I Bronze I
Diamond III Platinum II Bronze II Bronze II
Diamond IV Platinum II Bronze III Bronze III
Diamond V Platinum III