Arena of Valor Wiki

Arena of Valor has been released in most regions under a variety of names. Below is an overview list in chronological order, for Android and iOS (with one exception):

  • Honor of Kings or Wangzhe Rongyao (Chinese: 王者荣耀; pinyin: Wángzhě Róngyào) –– Mainland China, 26th of November 2015[1]
  • Arena of Valor or Legendary Showdown (Chinese: 傳說對決; pinyin: Chuánshuō Duìjué) –– Taiwan Server , 14th October 2016
  • Arena of Valor or Liên Quân –– Vietnam Server, 21th November 2016
  • Arena of Valor or Realm of Valor –– Thailand Server, 26th December 2016
  • Arena of Valor or Penta Storm/펜타스톰 (Penta Seutom) –– Korean Server, 26th April 2017
  • Arena of Valor (formerly Mobile Arena) –– Indonesian Server, 6th June 2017
  • Arena of Valor (formerly Strike of Kings) –– Europe Server, 10th August 2017
  • Arena of Valor –– Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines Server, 17th October 2017
  • Arena of Valor –– North America, and Latin America Server, 19th December 2017
  • Arena of Valor –– India Server, 1st March 2018
  • Arena of Valor –– Australia, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia Server, 28th June 2018
  • Arena of Valor –– Worldwide Server for Nintendo Switch, 25th September 2018
  • Arena of Valor or Legendary Showdown/伝説対決 (Densetsu Taiketsu) –– Japan Server, 30th November 2018
  • Arena of Valor –– Middle East, North Affrica, South Asia, and Russia Server, 16th April 2020[2]


The game is currently available both on the App Store, on the Google Play Store, and on the NintendoShop.


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