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Airi leaps up and summons a spirit that deals 250 (+147) physical damage and reduces enemies' movement speed. Then she strikes the ground, deals the same amount of damage and stuns affected enemies. She also gains a shield that absorbs 250 (+127) damaage for every hero hit. Airi is immune to control effects during the ability, gains a 100% movement bonus that decreases over 2.5 seconds and 30% attack speed for 5 seconds.
Lv. 1: 250
Lv. 2: 350
Lv. 3: 450
Lv. 1: 40
Lv. 2: 35
Lv. 3: 30
Mana cost: 0

Ryuu is one of the Skills in the game Arena of Valor. It is used by Airi.

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