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Water, the source of all life.

Like a blue ribbon, the Losarth River aristocracy surrounds Carano and brings this border city to life. In the middle of the river is a large statue of the legendary magician Sephera, founder of the Magister Council, Archmagister of the Academy, and the only one who created the Miracle of Losarth.

Sephera's first magic test came from his family's wizard retainer.
Many nobles maintained a servant of magicians, whom they sponsored and supported in exchange for the protection of the family and their lands.  The magician is not only responsible for dealing with any problem that has to do with the arcane or the unnatural: the strength of a family's magician retainer also reflects the power and prestige of the same family.
Children who show a talent for magic are often sent to study with magicians, perhaps even taking the mantle of their teacher once they complete their studies, becoming the new guardian of their family.  Among these already talented individuals, Sephera stood out.
From a young age he had an innate mastery of the arcane, and soon surpassed his mentor.  She was also a devoted follower of the Temple, often participating in the religious and charitable activities of the Temple, and would have joined the Temple if it were not for her duty to her own family.
The uninitiated may find that Sephera's double roles as a magician's apprentice and devout believer are in conflict, but as told by Scunthor, the First Magician, the first magic came from the gods and was taught to humans by the demigods in  the primordial Era, thus becoming the mortal expression of the divine immortal, which humans have been authorized to handle.
And so the Temple welcomed Sephera with open arms.  Having suffered greatly during the First Invasion, the Temple was eager to attract believers, especially one as powerful as Sephera.  However, the rebirth of the Temple inevitably came into conflict with the interests of the noble class, as well as with the magicians who served them.  Sephera was caught between the two, the staff of the magician in one hand and the teaching of the Temple in the other.
This delicate balance was broken by the War of Purification.  Too many magicians had been allowed to perform inhuman experiments in dark magic for too long in the name of knowledge.  His exposition by the Temple became public opinion against dark magic.  Already known as a magician, Sephera joined the war with illustrious allies such as Dirak and Dolsey, leading the vanguard in the crusade against dark magic.
However, as the war continued, more and more factions were caught in the fray.  With many of the old nobles immersed in the war due to their connection with the dark wizards, the younger houses emerged and tried to take advantage, escalating the war for their own purposes.  On the front, Sephera felt things get out of control and tried to be a voice of reason, but before he could come up with a plan, he found his comrade Dolsey trapped in the middle of the conflict.
To help Dolsey and other innocent magicians, and to re-align the movement with its original objective, Sephera took advantage of his family's influence and tried to seek help in the Temple.  But too many in the Temple had too much at stake in this war;  aligned with the new houses, they had much to gain from the fall of the old nobles and the magicians.  They could not stop now.
Why does the light in which I believe relegate me to the shadows?  Faced with the indifference of the Temple, Sephera asked herself.  He began to understand why Dirak and Dolsey distrusted their faith, despite agreeing with her on many other things.
But Sephera is a wizard.  When justice is absent, she becomes magic.  With Dirak and his other companions, Sephera saved the lives of many innocent magicians.  A movement that began as an opposition to dark magic was now in conflict with the new houses.
Eventually, Sephera and his allies had to flee to the border regions, where the power of the nobles could not touch them.  Many magicians joined them, either by a sense of duty or simply out of necessity.  This was what became the Magister Council, founded in Carano.
The Council transformed the city of Carano, which is located in a remote place, building great towers that raze the sky, summoning all the magicians who previously had to fight their own battles to join forces and defend their way of life.  And for hundreds of years, its founder and leader, Sephera, has defended this new city, just like the river she created.
Those blessed with great power are obliged to protect those who do not.