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Support is one of the types of Heroes in Arena of Valor.

Supports are heroes whose sole purpose is to keep enemies at bay with their crowd control and empowering the allies with their abilities. Usually weak when alone but when with allies, supports gain allies huge teamfight advantages. such as empowering allies with spell, crowd controlling or saving near death allies and enable takedowns on enemy team.

Supports usually start out with marksmen in lane, as their own power is less dependent on items to function well, but over time their contribution expands as they lend aid to their entire team with both their spells and effective, yet affordable, items.

List of support[]


Buffs heroes are types of heroes who heal, shield and empower allies. Though they are quite squishy and have relatively low damage, they can only shine when allies are around.


Controllers are types of heroes who offers mass crowd control and tankiness, they are very nasty to deal with and thrive very well in teamfights.

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