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Sorrow's Edge

"The cries of the dead cut deep into my soul."

Class: Warrior(Duelist)
Role: Charger/Reap/Herald
Gold: 18888
Vouchers: 1199
Base HP: 3360
Armor: 133 / 18.1%
Magic Defense: 80 / 11.7%
Attack Damage: 172
Ability Power: 0
Armor Pierce: 0 / 0%
Magic Pierce: 0 / 0 %
Attack Speed: 0 %
Critical Chance: 0 %
Critical Damage: 200 %
Life Steal: 0 %
Magic Life Steal: 0 %
Movement Speed: 380
Cooldown Speed: 0 %
Attack Range: Melee
Resistance: 0 %
HP Per 5 Seconds: 55
Max Mana: 0
Mana / 5 sec: 0
Max Energy: 0
Energy / 5 sec: 0
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Tachi is the 109th Hero in Arena of Valor, classified in the category of Warrior. He is a hanzo from the Mist Island, who wields a Fang Sword made from the tooth of an ancient dragon capable of cutting through steel and armor alike.


  • Date of Birth: 25 December
  • Place of Birth: Mist Island
  • Height:
  • Age: 32


Tachi was the young incarnation of Mist Island, the first Kunoichi, and the tooth of an ancient dragon.

The first Kunoichi relentlessly slew sea beasts with his sword Song of Fangs till his body gave out, and even the sword was cursed by the sea beasts.

As the tides rose and fell, he led his ninjas to fend off the ferocious sea beasts.

Just as a sea beast was about to break through the line of defense, a young man appeared on the battlefield with a long cry.

In his hand was Song of Fangs – the legendary sword of the first Kunoichi. The Song of Fangs was created from an ancient dragon’s tooth, and its sharp blade is able to make the air tremble like a sad song.

The island gave birth to his flesh, the sword is in his bones, and his guardian soul comes from the first Kunoichi.

He, is a part of Mist Island.

He, is Tachi.

Through tides and all evil, Song of Fangs persevered.

Generations of Kunoichi have fought alongside him, and they all marveled at the powerful, calm, solemn, and compassionate guardian the island had raised.

Tachi inherited the spirit of the first Kunoichi by taking responsibility for everything. With this unbending principle in mind, he’s usually slow to act.

Perhaps because his body is his sword, this gave him a clearer insight into the nature of the battle. Between swords, there is no right or wrong, only the passage of life and dignity.

But some battles are unavoidable, and as Tachi draws his sword, tears of compassion flow down his face as he bids farewell to the lives lost in battle.

When the battle ends and the sword has been sheathed, Tachi will recite a poem in memory of his fallen opponent.

Tachi has watched over Mist Island for hundreds of years, but after the ancient dragon’s soul was torn apart, it started to deteriorate with each passing day. Now, he needs to leave Mist Island and head to Athanor to find a way to save the ancient dragon.

With Tachi, the different landscapes of the mainland will become a new poem.


  • Dragon Soul: Airi
  • Hayate
  • Dragon Claw: Aoi


*Latest Update: Beta 36

Ability Name Description Mana cost Type
Passive Spellbound When Tachi deals damage to an enemy (hero or epic wilding), he unseals a mark in the direction he is facing, dealing physical damage equal to 4% of his target's max HP (up to 500 on wildings) while restoring 5% (+1% for every 100 additional AD) of his lost HP and gaining +50% movement speed for 0.5s. When all 4 marks are unsealed, Tachi gains 25% attack speed and a shield that can take 275 (+175% of AD) damage. After the seals are broken, Tachi gains a shield that can take 60 (+25% of AD) damage if the first 3 normal attacks hit his target.

In the unsealed state, all damage Tachi deals becomes true damage (cannot trigger critical hits) for 6s.

0 True/Restore
1 Moon Pierce Base Form:

Tachi attacks the enemies in front of him, dealing 275 (+90% of AD) physical damage (deals an additional 80% damage to non-hero units) to enemies, and slows them by 50% for 1s. The second state of the skill activates after it becomes unsealed.

Unsealed Form:

Tachi charges for 1s, gaining super armor and 40% damage reduction, and deals 425 (+200% of AD) true damage to enemies in front of him. In the unsealed state, Tachi's first 3 normal attacks that hit his target increase his skill 1's damage by 6%.

Base Form: Physical Damage 275 330 385 440 495 550
Base Form: Cooldown Time 7 6.7 6.4 6.1 5.8 5.5
Unsealed Form: True Damage 425 490 455 620 685 750
Unsealed Form: Cooldown Time 7 6.7 6.4 6.1 5.8 5.5
0 Physical/Slow Down

True/Area Damage

2 Browbeat Tachi charges forward to deal 150(+50% of AD) and triggers a Lunar Strike at the end of it to deal the same amount of damage to all nearby enemies. The first 3 normal attacks hit after the seals are broken reduces this ability's charging time by 1/3.

While charging his ability 1, Tachi is able to use this ability to adjust his position, but will not deal any damage.

*Damage: 150/180/210/240/270/300

*Cooldown: 3 seconds

*Charge time: 15/14/13/12/11/10 seconds

0 Area Damage/Movement
Ultimate Cliff Breaker Tachi charges to the target and slashes two crosses in the air. Each slash deals 50 (+10% of AD) physical damage and slows enemies by 90% for 1s. On his 3rd slash downwards, he deals 250 (+50% of AD)(+16% of target's lost HP (up to 1500 on monsters)) physical damage to nearby enemies. The broken seal effect is triggered immediately upon Tachi's landing.

Tachi is immune to all damage and control effects while in air.

*Cross damage: 50/75/100

*Landing damage: 250/375/500

*Cooldown: 50/45/40 seconds

0 Area Damage/Buff

Hero Guide[]

  • Slayer Lane is the most suitable land for Tachi, however he will have difficulty dealing with heroes with high mobility like Airi or early game heroes like Florentino. It is not unusual for Tachi players to play as a Support in order to utilize his excellent survivability. Slayer lane Tachi is often recommended to build half tank with antiheal as the only attack equipment, in order to withstand constant ganking from enemy Middle Laner, lest he dies in the process. Support Tachi mainly relies on Moon Pierce's slow to assist Marksmen, and use his survivability to tank and true damage to weaken enemies. New players are advised to put Frost Cape on him, for easier passive stacking.
  • Jungle lane is also suitable for him, as his passive regenerates health when he hits large monsters, but in the early game he clears real slow. Jungle Tachi can either be built as a burst damage dealer, or as a sustainable brawler.
  • His true damage cannot be critical, so do not purchase items which increase his critical chance. Instead, try to buy defensive equipment to increase his toughness, allowing him to stay active longer in combat.
  • In team fights, circle around enemies to stack up Spellbound marks and unleash continuous Moonpierce waves. When the enemies close in, activate his ultimate on enemy Marksmen and continue circling around them. Tachi’s ultimate also helps him to activate Spellbound seals while making him immune during all the jumping and slashing action. It will also help you survive against an enemy’s deadly move. It can also aid you in disengaging and fleeing from a team fight.
  • In 1v1 fights, use Moon Pierce to stack Spellbound from afar, and try to Browbeat 2 passive marks at once. Tachi is currently one of the only heroes who can fight on par with an average Florentino, the biggest threat in 1v1.
  • Avoid using Cliffbreaker to open combat, instead try to use it to finish off weak enemies or to outplay enemy abilities.
Tachi is the strongest when all the seals are broken. Try to activate his passive when fighting enemies by moving continuously and attacking them from all four different directions. Spellbound can be activated when Tachi attacks large monsters. Engage in a fight against these monsters to recover health when you’re getting low — just don’t get killed in the process!

Position: Slayer Lane/Jungler
Advantages: Great against heroes with low mobility, and enemy tanks.
Disadvantages: Low farming speed, dependent on stacking up passive. Relatively weak in early game and requires assistance in farming.
Playstyle: Warrior
Counter: Heroes with strong control abilities and good mobility, as well as healing reduction.
Arcana: 10x Indomitable/10x Guerrilla/10x Mythril

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• Raging Seas



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Balance Changes[]

•Beta 33 (2021): His Moonpierce ability's base damage and additional damage acquired through skill-levelling were reduced, but the additional damage from his base AD increased (Balanced).


  • Tachi is a hanzo from the Mist Island, who guards the island's border with the sea and prevents sea creatures from invading the island.
  • Hayate and Airi were admirable of Tachi when they were young.
  • He and Aoi are close friends.
  • Original editor: Discord Hyena#2302

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