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Tel'Annas 1.jpg
The Ageless
Max HP: 3242
Armor: 95 / 13.6%
Magic Defense: 50 / 7.6%
Attack Damage: 157
Ability Power: 0
Max Mana: 440
Movement Speed: 350
Magic Pierce: 0 / 0%
Attack Speed: 0
Critical Chance: 0
Critical Damage: 200
Life Steal: 0
Magic Life Steal: 0
Cooldown Speed: 0
Attack Range: Long Range
Resistance: 0
HP Per 5 Seconds: 40
Mana Per 5 Seconds: 15
Max Energy: 0
Regen Energy Per 5 seconds: 0

Tel'Annas is one of the Heroes in the game Arena of Valor.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Cooldown Mana Cost
Ult arrow-of-chaos.png Arrow of Chaos After charging for a short period, Tel'Annas combines the power of Darkness and Morning Star and fires an Arrow of Chaos, dealing x (+x) physical damage. Enemies further away take more damage, up to x (+x) physical damage. Enemies along the arrow's path are knocked back and stunned. Tel'Annas gains 20% movement speed for 2 seconds. 45 130
1 eagle-eye.png Eagle Eye After learning this ability, Tel'Annas' normal attacks reduce the target's movement speed by 6%. Stacks up to 5 times. After activating this ability, Tel'Annas' range significantly increases and her attack speed increases by x% for 3 seconds. Also, her normal attacks are imbued with dark power and deal an additional x (+x) magic damage. While active, normal attacks place an additional stack of the movement speed reducing effect. 10 65
2 penetrating-shot.png Penetrating Shot Tel'Annas fires 3 arrows simultaneously, dealing x (+x) physical damage to enemies in their paths and reducing their movement speed by x% for 2 seconds. The arrows lose 20% damage for each enemy hit, up to 40% damage loss. 9 70
Passive morning-star.png The Morning Star Tel'Annas' attack damage is increased by 10% when there are ally heroes nearby.

Lore[edit | edit source]

After bidding farewell to her verdant homeland where she had slumbered for a millennium, the newly awakened Elven Queen Tel'Annas shone like the morning star.

As one of the valiant warriors who resisted the first invasion by the dark forces, the legend of Tel'Annas and her unrivalled archery skills became the subject of numerous songs and poems throughout the centuries. Renowned for her remarkable deeds in the decisive final battle against the invading horde, it was Tel'Annas who shot the lone arrow that mortally wounded the Lord of Darkness, securing the survival of all living things that had lost the protection of the Gods in this terrifying episode in history.

However, Tel'Annas paid the ultimate price when her body and mind were corrupted by the dark power unleashed by the Lord of Darkness in his final moment. She was forced to seal herself and fall into a deep sleep that would last a thousand years, until all of the dark power within her was neutralized. For the entire duration of her slumber, Maloch, the successor of the Lord of Darkness, tried to break the seal and take the dark power inside Tel'Annas, but the seal was far stronger than he imagined.

Seeing his opportunity during the second invasion by the dark forces, Maloch ordered a massacre in the Shadow Forest, forcing Tel'Annas to break the seal and return to the battlefield. Her striking face bore not a trace of the thousand years that had passed, and her mastery over her formidable power showed that she was fully capable of manipulating the explosive dark power that coursed through her. Confronting the army of demons, spirits and corrupted souls, Tel'Annas once again drew her bow to defend the life and dignity of all living things.

"The radiance of the morning star will forever protect this land."

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