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The Protector

Class: Tank / Warrior
Role: Control / Initiator
 Lvl 1  Gain Lvl 15
HP 3535 +380.1 8857
Mana 420 +91 1694
Attack Damage 157 +10.6 306
Attack Speed 0% +1% 14%
Armor 123 +26.5 494
Magic Defense 50 +8.5 169
HP / 5 sec 58 +5.4 121
Mana / 5 sec 15 +1.5 36
Movement Speed 370
Attack Range Melee
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Icon Name Description Cooldown Mana Cost
Avalon's Fury.png Avalon's Fury Thane strikes the ground, dealing x(+x) physical damage to enemies within range. He also knocks enemies into the air and slows their movement speed by 90% for 2 seconds. 8 75
Excalibur.png Excalibur Thane charges for a short time, then unleashes a powerful blow in a frontal cone, dealing x(+x) real damage to enemies in the area. Also deals 15% of targets' lost HP as physical damage. Cannot be interrupted while charging. 40 150
Royal Power.png Royal Power When Thane's HP falls below 30%, he regenerates 24% of his maximum HP over 6 seconds. 75-second cooldown. 75
Valiant Charge.png Valiant Charge Thane charges forward, knocking enemies back and dealing x(+x) physical damage each hit. Valiant Charge's final hit will also knock enemies into the air. 12 60

Tip: Thane cannot be stopped when he charges, so use it to your advantage!

His ultimate does not have a long range, so pay attention to the distance between you and the enemies.


Kindness, honesty, caring, loyalty, and civility.

The chivalrous King Thane was the classic medieval hero that every child dreamed of becoming. However, very few people knew of his difficult childhood. Thane did not grow up with his father but was raised by the archbishop. The archbishop sneaked Thane out of the castle and took him far away to keep him safe from potential enemies.

People only came to know of the royal heir's existence at a tournament. The previous king had recently passed away and the knights were too engage in combat to decide who would ascend to the throne. However, Thane effortlessly pulled the sword from the stone and put an end to the tournament. Inscribed on the sword were the words "He who draws this sword from the stone shall be king."

Once king, Thane led the Knights of the Round Table and defeated the powerful enemy that threatened his kingdom. "Your Royal Majesty, King Thane, battles of the mortal world are meaningless to you. New opponents await your arrival on the battlefield of the gods. I hope your fabled sword is still as keen as ever." The sound of the battle horn had reignited King Thane's fighting spirit.

"With this sword in my hand, I will vanquish all evil!"


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