The Abyssal Dragon Kraydus

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Abyssal Dragon Kraydus

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The Abyssal Dragon Kraydus is a boss Monster in Arena of Valor.

The dragon Kraydus was once a protector of the Horizon Valley. That is, until darkness transformed it into a fearsome Abyssal Dragon. As more and more darkness continues to fuse with its body, it further evolves into the more powerful and enraged Abyssal Dragon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Abyssal Dragon is a key resource that both teams will battle over during the early and mid-stages of a match. Defeating it grants EXP and Gold. The Abyssal Dragon evolves into an enraged form 10 minutes after a match begins. A team that defeats an enraged Abyssal Dragon will receive a power buff. This buff grants different effects depending on a hero’s class, ensuring that every person on the team will receive an increase to the stats that benefit them most.

In addition, an enraged Abyssal Dragon will drop the Abyssal Stone or Dark Blessing upon its death. This stone allows for immunity against fatal damage one time while it is in effect. All heroes on the battlefield can pick up this item, regardless of which team defeats the enraged Abyssal Dragon.

A team that defeats an enraged Abyssal Dragon or Dark Slayer will suffer the Abyssal Curse, which lowers their damage output towards enraged Abyssal Dragons and Dark Slayers. Players will have to make strategic decisions whether to defeat the Dark Slayer, which is more suitable for pushing, or the enraged Abyssal Dragon, which aids in teamfights.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

Tank: recover 1% of Max HP every second

Warrior: increases attack damage by 50+10%

Assassin: increases armor pierce by 100, magic pierce by 75, and movement speed by 20

Mage: increases ability power by 75+15%

Marksman: increases critical chance by 10% and armor pierce by 15%

Support: Unique Passive – nearby heroes recover 100 HP and 50 Mana every 5 seconds

The enraged Abyssal Dragon will spawn every 5 minutes, beginning at 10 minutes into a match.
The Abyssal Stone will make a hero invincible for 0.5 seconds when taking lethal damage, recovering 1000+10% HP.

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