The Dark Slayer

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Dark Slayer

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The Dark Slayer is a boss Monster in Arena of Valor.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Dark Slayer is the overlord of the Horizon Valley, and sealed within its body is the Drake Mondester – the current protector of Horizon Valley.

he Dark Slayer spawns every 5 minutes, beginning at 8 minutes into a match.

When heroes band together to defeat the Dark Slayer, not only will they obtain its strength, but they will also awaken the Drake within. The Drake has an far attack range than towers do and will also strengthen nearby allies. Each time the Drake attacks a tower, counter damage is inflicted upon itself. The Drake will fly away once its HP is depleted.

The ability to summon the Drake is available for 90 seconds to the player who felled the Dark Slayer.

A team that defeats an enraged Abyssal Dragon or Dark Slayer will suffer the Abyssal Curse, which lowers their damage output towards enraged Abyssal Dragons and Dark Slayers. Players will have to make strategic decisions whether to defeat the Dark Slayer, which is more suitable for pushing, or the enraged Abyssal Dragon, which aids in teamfights.

Tip: If your opponents manage to summon a Drake, you should engage it and do your best to whittle down its HP before it can damage your towers.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The Dark Slayer buff restores 1% of HP and Mana every second, provides 20% additional movement speed for 9 seconds when leaving the Altar in base, and recovery granted by the Altar goes into effect when remaining in battle for 90 seconds.

After summoned, the Drake grows continuously for 10 seconds, gaining 7% damage reduction every 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 35%.

Drake passive ability: Drake Roar

While the Drake is summoned, all ally minions gain 25% max HP, 10% attack damage, 10% movement speed, and their physical size is increased by 10%.

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