Uriel's Brand

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Uriel's Brand
Uriel s brand.png
Gold.png 2020
Attack Damage
Attack Speed
Magic Defense
Unique Passive
Magic Guardian: When hero's HP falls below 40%, a shield is produced that absorbs (500+Hero level*100) magic damage. For 2 seconds, Resistance is increased by 25% and movement speed is increased by 30%. The shield lasts for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 75 seconds.
Unique Passive
Speed Up: Normal attacks increase movement speed by 10%.

Uriel's Brand is one of the Items in Arena of Valor.

Old stats[edit | edit source]

The old Uriel's Brand stats are shown in the table below:

Properties Statistics
Cost 2020
Attack Damage +100
Max HP +600
'''Magic Guardian''': When hero's HP falls below 40%, Uriel's Brand grants +200 magic defense and summons a Shield that absorbs 500 (+100 per level) magic damage for 5 seconds. 75 second cooldown.

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