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Warriors are one of the types of heroes in the game Arena of Valor.

Warriors are a diverse group of short-ranged combatants who excel at both dealing and surviving damage. With easy access to heavy, continuous damage (or DPS) and a host of innate defenses, warriors thrive in extended fights as they seek out enemies to take down, but their limited range puts them at constant risk of being kept at bay (or kited) by their opponents via crowd control, range and mobility.

Warriors tend to have an advantage against assassins, whose burst tends to fall short of killing them when unaided, as well as tanks, whose inferior damage allows fighters to eventually defeat them in duels, but often struggle against mages and marksmen, whose superior reach allows them to kite approaching fighters.

List of warriors[]


Divers are the more mobile portion of the Warrior class. Divers excels at chasing down enemies and dishing out fair share of damage, although not as durable as juggernauts or tanks but can still take a hit or two while dealing enough damage to take out prioritized targets.


Brawlers are melee titans who relentlessly march down the opposition and devastate those foolish enough to get within their grasp. They are the only subclass who excel at both dealing and taking significant amounts of damage, but in turn they have a tough time closing in on targets due to their low range and extremely limited mobility.


Duelists aim to shred through any nearby enemy that approaches. Because Duelists lack high-end burst damage or reliable ways of closing in on high-priority targets, they are instead armed with situationally powerful defensive tools to survive in the fray, along with extreme sustained damage to cut down even the most durable targets.

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