Wind Stone

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Wind Stone
Wind Stone.png
Gold.png 300
Mana 5 Sec
Movement Speed
Unique Passive
Wage: Gain 5 gold and experience every 3 seconds if your gold or experience is the lowest on the team.

Wind Stone was a tier 1 support Item in Arena of Valor. It was replaced by the Elemental Gem.

Note: Only one support item is allowed per team.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Unlike the wind items it builds into, Wind Stone really lacks on stats. That said, the 5% movement speed buff means you can potentially forego boots in order to build into your next wind item a bit quicker. In the meantime, roaming the map and providing vision for the team will allow you to take advantage of the Wage passive, since you’ll have the least gold on your team.

Recommendation[edit | edit source]

Wind items are to be taken over water items when your hero is heavily focused on roaming: gaining vision of the enemy for your team while setting up ganks. Wage helps gain back some of the gold and experience lost by roaming, while Distinction rewards successful ganks.

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