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The Firecracker

Class: Marksman
Role: Finisher / Control
 Lvl 1  Gain Lvl 15
HP 3007 +202 5835
Mana 450 +97 1808
Attack Damage 161 +16.8 396
Attack Speed 0% +2% 28%
Armor 87 +18.1 340
Magic Defense 50 +8.5 169
HP / 5 sec 40 +2.2 71
Mana / 5 sec 16 +1.6 38
Movement Speed 350
Attack Range Long Range
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Wisp excels a long-range poking and AoE damage. With her incredible attack range, she can take out the entire team from a distance. Want to gang Wisp, bad idea! Even if you kill her, her Passive will make you pay a heavy price!


"I wanna see some fireworks!" Not only is Wisp the adopted daughter of the renowned master Moren, she is also the younger sister of Max, the “Wunderkind”. While envied by many in Cedar City, a hub for talented elites from all around Athanor, Wisp secretly confessed that it’s difficult being the sister of a genius.

But having a famous father and a genius brother does have its perks. Under their influences, Wisp became a tinkerer of machines at a very young age, even though everything she touched broke down mysteriously or simply exploded. Eventually she became known as the “Demolition Expert of the Lab”.

“Don’t worry, it’s just wear and tear,” Moren always comforted Wisp with these kind words to encourage her to keep exploring. She believed him and carried on with her experiments, but at the expense of Max, who worked in the same lab and had to put up with mysterious explosions, shock waves and the mess that Wisp left behind...

“Don’t worry, it’s just wear and tear,” Wisp would comfort Max with those very same words.

In less than two years, Wisp had mastered everything about machines and what they are capable of. She also found her calling in bombs, which meant that she had to move into the mountainous areas with less residents to carry out advanced experiments. Naturally, Max was very happy about this arrangement, because it meant he would be free from the nightmare that is his sister. But being the big brother, he was still worried about her moving out, so he built her the “Destructor”, a mechanical transport that becomes deadly when loaded with ammunition. “Thank you, bro!” Wisp immediately climbed into the cockpit. Max suddenly recalled a fatal bug that he hadn’t fixed, but it was too late. The Destructor came to a halt after a series of grinding noises.

Wisp scowled, “What was that? Did you build me something defective?” “It was just an accident!” Max replied, but he was really thinking, “well, you touched, it, so it broke down.”

“Actually, you are now an extraordinary tinkerer, so you should fix it yourself,” Moren finally spoke up.

“A piece of cake!” Wisp complied, slid down from the Destructor and grabbed the wrench from Max.

Soon, Wisp and a functioning Destructor were on their way. Both Moren and Max had smiles on their faces as they saw her off. She was finally on her own. But before they even turned around to go home, an explosion rocked the area and they could hear Wisp screaming, “the energy core just exploded! Help me fix this!”


           Icon            Name Description Mana Cost Type
Shock and Awe.png Shock and Awe Wisp bombards the target area 6 times, dealing 200 (+80 Lvl 1 / +9 per Lvl / +198 Lvl 15) (+50 per 100 AD) physical damage each time. The damage from bombardment can critically hit and deals 50% additional damage. This ability must be channeled and has a maximum duration of 3 seconds. Moving or using another ability after 0.6 seconds of channeling will interrupt this ability. 100 Physical
Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3
Base Damage 200 275 350
Cooldown 40 35 30
  • Ability Range: 1100 units; effective range: 1600 units.
  • Additional Damage is the only part of Shock and Awe’s that critically strikes and be multiplied. Base Damage remains unmodified.
Barrel Bomb.png Barrel Bomb Wisp lights the fuse and rolls out a barrel bomb. The bomb deals 200 (+96 Lvl 1 / +11 per Lvl / +237 Lvl 15) (+60 per 100 AD) physical damage to enemies along its path and slows their movement speed by 30% for 1 second. The bomb explodes when it reaches the target destination or runs into an obstacle, dealing 300 (+144 Lvl 1 / +16 per Lvl / +356 Lvl 15) (+90 per 100 AD) physical damage to enemies in the surrounding area and stunning them for 1 second. Damaging an hero will reduce the skill's cooldown by 3 seconds. 75 Physical


Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Base Damage 200 240 280 320 360 400
Damage from Explosion 300 360 420 480 540 600
Cooldown 10 9.6 9.2 8.8 8.4 8
  • Ability Range: 800 units.
Loose Cannon.png Loose Cannon Wisp charges forward and enters barrage mode, firing bombs with her normal attacks for 5 seconds, each bomb dealing 45 (+177 Lvl 1 / +19 per Lvl / +435 Lvl 15) (+110 per 100 AD) physical damage to the target and surrounding enemies. Also increases Wisp’s attack speed by 10% while active. 55 Physical
Attribute Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5 Lvl 6
Base Damage 45 60 75 90 105 120
Cooldown 10
  • Ability Range: 400 units.
  • Increases Wisp’s attack range to 800 while active.
  • Can pass through walls.
  • Additional damage from Loose Cannon benefits from critically striking.
Ignite.png Ignite When Wisp’s HP reaches 0, she ejects all of her remaining bombs, dealing 400 physical damage and slowing enemy movement speed by 25% for 1.5 seconds. If multiple bombs damage the same enemy, subsequent bombs only deal 50% damage. Passive Physical


Hero Guide[]

Wisp’s barrel bombs explode prematurely when they hit obstacles. If you’re being hounded by an enemy hero, use Loose Cannon to soften them up and follow it up with a Barrel Bomb stun. Combine Shock and Aw and normal attacks enhanced by Loose Cannon to deal significant area damage. Team up with a control hero to devastate your enemies.

Position: Bot Lane
Advantages: Coming Soon
Disadvantages: Coming Soon
Playstyle: Coming Soon
Counter: Coming Soon
Arcana: Coming Soon

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